Elden Ring, focus on fast travel, multiple endings and more

Elden Ring, focus on fast travel, multiple endings and more

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Elden Ring, focus on fast travel, multiple endings and more

New details keep coming to Elden Ring.

We have gone from radio silence that lasted for months to Elden Ring to an avalanche of new details arriving in these hours. After talking about one of the dungeons present in the game and the new images shared during the Gamescom, now this news focuses on the game world and more.

FromSoftware recently premiered a 15-minute demo at Gamescom 2021. Of all that has been seen, the most notable aspect of the game that sets it apart from its predecessor is its incredible freedom. For the occasion, the insider Nibel through a series of tweets he shared the most important details. We learn that players will be able to travel quickly from anywhere, allowing them to traverse the open world map much easier. Along their travels, there will be optional encounters to stumble upon, Legacy Dungeons to complete, and multiple paths to explore.

Due to the flexibility the game offers players, their choices will also affect both the story and the ending, of which it has been confirmed that there will be many. In the past, FromSoftware titles were relatively straightforward, with some branching paths and optional bosses, but Elden Ring is pushing players to forge their own paths.

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In addition, it has been confirmed that archers and mages will be able to fight on horseback, there will be a new mechanic called “Guard Counter”, enemies will have a guard position that can be broken and there will be a hub with NPCs inside.

Elden Ring will be released on January 21, 2022 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S.

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