Electric car for taxi and rental use, new Mobilize Limo

Electric car for taxi and rental use, new Mobilize Limo

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Electric car for taxi and rental use, new Mobilize Limo

Mobilize unveils Silt, the sedan 4-door 4.67 meters long with al 100% electric EV designed for i taxi and rental with driver. Available exclusively in subscription, with “à la carte” mobility packages and offers.

The new electric car of the Renault Group is presented as a world premiere at the IAA Mobility 2021 in Munich in the Renault stand and arrives on the road starting from the second half of 2022 in Europe.

Electric car for taxi and rental use

In Europe, the ride-hailing (taxi and rental with driver) is in full growth: it should reach a value of 50 billion euros in 2030, against the current 28 billion. Electric vehicles will, in fact, soon be indispensable to have access to urban centers subject to traffic restrictions, especially to low emission zones (LEZ- Low Emission Zones) that are multiplying throughout Europe.

Mobilize Limo is the electric sedan used for taxis and rental with driver

Mobilize Limo to meet the needs of taxi drivers can count on an autonomy of approx 450 km (in the process of homologation WLTP). It will also be marketed with aoffering which includes both the vehicle and the services for all types of drivers: taxi, rental with driver and other services for the transport of people (medical, social, etc.).

Mobilize Limo for taxi use and rental with the all-inclusive formula

Managed by RCI Bank and Services, the rental contracts offered by Mobilize will be flexible in terms of mileage and duration. A solution will also be offered pay as you drive for occasional drivers.

Electric car for taxi and rental use, new Mobilize Limo

Mobilize Limo is only available as an all-inclusive subscription

Furthermore, for taxi and rental companies with driver, Mobilize will offer, thanks to partnership with some start-ups, a complete solution for their business (delivery, payment solutions, recharge, connectivity, etc.) to optimize the TCO (Total Cost of Operations) and operational excellence.

Mobilize Limo the new electric car for taxi use and VIDEO rental

Mobilize packages will also include services such as manufacturer’s warranty, maintenance, insurance and charging solutions.

Mobilize Limo for taxi and rental use, electric car features

Limo measures 4.67m in length, 1.83m in width and 1.47m in height. A structure similar to that of the models of the segment D.

Electric car for taxi and rental use, new Mobilize Limo

Side view of the Mobilize Limo electric sedan

It’s a 4-door sedan, elegant and distinctive, with the short bonnet and the sloping roof. Also outside is equipped with integrated door handles, flush with the bodywork, which open electrically when the doors are unlocked; tapered LED optics with sophisticated light signature and dynamic direction indicators; Mobilize logo on the front and rear and specific Mobilize Limo stickers next to the mirrors e 17 “smoked painted alloy wheels.

Mobilize Limo passenger compartment and trunk, how is it inside?

On board Limo we find saddlery in TOE (leather effect) with a satin look, soft to the touch and easy to clean. The lining of the interior door panels with a light strip and the chrome-like inserts underline the quality of the finishes, while seven colors are available to customize the interior lighting. The Mobilize logo is especially affixed to the steering wheel and floor mats.

Electric car for taxi and rental use, new Mobilize Limo

Instrument panel with double digital display

The dashboard features quality materials and decorative inserts in carbon style. The dual digital display it is arranged in the upper part on a wide band: 10.25 “display for the digital instrument cluster e 12.3 “touchscreen in the center of the dashboard for multimedia functions.

The design of Mobilize Limo responds, first of all, to a logic of service and use. The driver’s seat provides 8-way electrical adjustments (4-way for the passenger seat) and a height and depth adjustable steering wheel. At the front, between the seats, there is a refrigerated compartment.

Thanks to long wheelbase of 2.75 m, Mobilize Limo can count on plenty of space for rear seat passengers with, in particular, a knee radius of 288 mm. Access to the rear seats is also facilitated by the wide opening of the doors. They can be comfortably seated on the rear sofa three people, especially thanks to the flat floor. In between there is a removable armrest with two drink holders.

Rear seat passengers can also take advantage of two USB sockets for smartphones and tablets. At the rear seats there are also i audio volume controls, the vents to regulate the air flow and the courtesy lights.

Electric car for taxi and rental use, new Mobilize Limo

Total comfort also for rear passengers

The rear trunk of Mobilize Limo has a volume of 411 liters, with a practical and generous loading length to hold even large suitcases. One is housed under the boot floor spare wheel type spare wheel.

Electric car Mobilize Limo engine, battery, range and recharge

Mobilize Limo is equipped with a powerful 100% electric motor that delivers 110 kW (150 hp) and a pair of 220 Nm. Limo accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 9.6 seconds, while the maximum speed is limited to 140 km / h.

Mobilize Limo has a lithium ion battery liquid-cooled of a capacity of 60 kWh which allows you to travel approx 450 km (WLTP cycle being approved) between two top-ups. Mobilize Limo is compatible with the most popular types of refills AC and DC, that is, it can connect to all public columns and infrastructure of Wallbox-type domestic recharging. It is also possible to recharge on one simple socket. With fast charging, they can be recovered 250 km of autonomy in just 40 minutes.

Electric car for taxi and rental use, new Mobilize Limo

Mobilize Limo electric can count on a range of 450 km

The driver can choose between three driving modes (Eco, Normal and Sport) and three intensity levels of regenerative braking on the vehicle controls.

Limo is particularly handy in the city thanks to a turning radius of 11.2 m. It is equipped with a sound alert to signal its presence to pedestrians and other vehicles in the city. This device is always active up to 30km / h and activates when you switch to Drive mode.

Infotainment and ADAS on Mobilize Limo for taxi and rental use

Mobilize Limo’s onboard multimedia system includes the function Smartphone Replication via the central 12.3 ”touchscreen display. In fact, most drivers use their phones for navigation or access to platforms (Uber, for example).

The App dedicated to Limo also allows the driver to have access to vehicle information, geolocate it and control some functions remotely (door opening / closing, pre-climate control, charging start, etc.).

Electric car for taxi and rental use, new Mobilize Limo

The technological equipment on board the Mobilize Limo is rich

Limo is equipped with Full LED headlights. It features 8 airbags as standard (2 front, 2 front side, 2 rear side and 2 curtain) and the best of driver assistance technologies (ADAS):

  • Adaptative Cruise Control
  • Blind Spot Detection Sensor
  • Lane Departure Alert and Lane Keeping Assist (Lane Change Assist, Lane Keeping Assist, Lane Deviation Warning)
  • Automatic emergency braking with pedestrian recognition (Front Collision Warning, Pedestrian Collision Warning, Advanced Emergency Braking)
  • Traffic sign recognition
  • 360 ° multiview camera (Around View Monitor)
  • Front and rear parking radar
  • Oncoming Vehicle Detection System (Rear Cross Traffic Alert)
  • Door Opening Alarm.

Foto Mobilize Limo electric car use taxi and rental

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