Electric cars, the Volvos of the future with 1,000 km of autonomy – NEWSAUTO.it

Electric cars, the Volvos of the future with 1,000 km of autonomy – NEWSAUTO.it

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Electric cars, the Volvos of the future with 1,000 km of autonomy – NEWSAUTO.it

With the Volvo Concept Recharge the Swedish company illustrates the manifesto of the next generation of Volvo completely electric. Faithful to the tradition of Scandinavian design, the Concept Recharge it is inspired by the mantra “Less, but better”. For example, by eliminating the complexity of the internal combustion engine, the designers were able to develop the proportions of the car so as to increase the interior space while improving aerodynamic efficiency.

What Volvo electric cars of the future will look like, features

The next generation of all-electric Volvos, in particular, the first SUV of the House based on a completely new and exclusively electric technology, will be characterized by a flat floor, as anticipated by the Concept Recharge.

By eliminating the motor and replacing it with a complete battery pack placed under the flat floor, the designers they have increased the pace and the size of the wheels of the car. The result is shorter overhangs, and much more space inside, as well as a large stowage area between the front seats.

Concept Recharge anticipates the shapes and characteristics of the new generation of Volvo electric cars

In the Concept Recharge this evolution has led the designers to reposition the seats, optimize the roof profile and lower the hood of the car while maintaining the dominant sitting position much appreciated by those who drive cars like Volvos XC40, XC60 and XC90. This approach leads to efficiency gains in aerodynamics compared to a typical SUV, with a consequent improvement in driving range.

Volvo electric cars of the future, exterior features

This prototype also introduces a Volvo’s new design language. In line with the theme of “less, but better”, all superfluous elements have been removed and what remains is made with the utmost precision and with attention to the linearity of the surfaces.

The traditional grill has been replaced by one “shield” structure, alongside a new interpretation of Volvo Cars’ Thor hammer headlight profile. These include the brand new graphics solution built with HD technology which opens at night to reveal the main optical groups.

Electric cars, the Volvos of the future with 1,000 km of autonomy – NEWSAUTO.it

Side view Volvo Concept Recharge

THE vertical rear lights recall the strong stylistic heritage of the brand, but have been re-imagined as wings that unfold and extend at higher cruising speeds to further improve overall aerodynamics.

Volvo’s stylistic language also takes on a new look within the Concept Recharge. The flat floor offers more space and a better position seat for all those traveling in the passenger compartment.

Volvo infotainment with VolvoCars.OS operating system

A great 15-inch vertical touch screen it forms the centerpiece of a new and improved experience of using the new generation and networked infotainment system developed by the automaker. Designed to be logical and intuitive to use, the technology helps to make the experience peaceful and relaxing. Volvo’s next generation of fully electric cars are capable cars perfect day after day.

Current Volvos integrate the operating system Android Automotive, destined to evolve into the next generation cars in VolvoCars.OS, an “umbrella system” that groups i various operating systems electric Volvo models, both on board and in the cloud; that experience begins with Android Automotive OS and with a new visualization approach inside the cabin.

Electric cars, the Volvos of the future with 1,000 km of autonomy – NEWSAUTO.it

The interior of the Volvo Concept Recharge

One high resolution screen provides the driver with the most important driving information, such as speed and battery levels. A superimposed display (head-up display) allows the driver to have the essential information in front of the eyes without having to take your eyes off the road.

Future Volvo cars will also be equipped with a large central touch screen which will deliver more elaborate content, easy-to-read information, and responsive interaction. In addition to the displays inside the car, the next generation of electric Volvo models is equipped with a seamless connection with your personal mobile device.

The next generation of Volvo cars will use the user’s phone as one key is the Volvo Cars app it will connect the latter to everything associated with modern life and owning an electric car.

Electric cars, the Volvos of the future with 1,000 km of autonomy – NEWSAUTO.it

Volvo Concept Recharge infotainment

Functions such as searching for a recharging point, the top up payment and the connection to home devices. All electrically powered Volvos will receive regularly updates software and new features over the air (OTA).

Volvo electric cars with batteries and range up to 1,000 km

The new generation of Volvo electric cars arrives in the middle of the decade. The Swedish company will also use new batteries produced in collaboration with the Swedish company on these vehicles Northvolt, with an energy density of the cells of its batteries up to 50 percent compared to what exists on the market today. During this decade, Volvo Cars also intends to push the limits of 1,000 Wh / l of energy density, to reach 1,000 km of real autonomy.

Electric cars, the Volvos of the future with 1,000 km of autonomy – NEWSAUTO.it

Volvo will develop future batteries with Northvolt

Current charging times are expected to be nearly halved by the middle of the decade, thanks to improved battery technology and continued advances in software and fast charging technology.

Battery cells made by Volvo Cars in collaboration with Northvolt are designed to be manufactured using the 100% renewable energy.

Electric cars, the Volvos of the future with 1,000 km of autonomy – NEWSAUTO.it

Two-way Volvo Concept Recharge charging

Where it is possible means regenerate or reuse batteries and is also evaluating potential applications for second life, such as lo energy storage. The automaker will offer the bidirectional charging already with the next new SUV.

Self-driving Volvo electric cars with Lidar sensor

Finally, the Concept Recharge also reflects Volvo Cars’ safety ambitions for the coming years.

Electric cars, the Volvos of the future with 1,000 km of autonomy – NEWSAUTO.it

Volvo’s future electric SUV will be self-driving with Lidar sensors

A sensor LiDAR, made by the tech company Luminar and key element in Volvo Cars’ plan for upcoming technology autonomous driving safe, is placed in an optimal position on the roof to detect data on the environment outside the car.

Volvo Concept Recharge VIDEO

Photo Volvo Concept Recharge

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