Eleider Alvarez and his entourage will have to make the right decisions

Eleider Alvarez et son entourage devront prendre les bonnes décisions

Photo: Cooper Neill The Associated Press
The boxer Eleider Alvarez has suffered a defeat without a call against Sergey Kovalev in the night from Saturday to Sunday.

The defeat without appeal suffered by Eleider Alvarez against Sergey Kovalev in the night from Saturday to Sunday will force the clan of the boxer of colombia to revise its plans, at least in the short term. But as his trainer, Marc Ramsay, as his promoter, Yvon Michel, believe that it is not a significant step back in the career of the Montreal adoption.

“We take a major step back with this loss, but it is curious boxing, has launched Ramsay in the wee hours on Sunday. He just beat Sergey Kovalev and make a good fight of 12 rounds. He proved that he could fight against any kind of boxers. The phone may ring soon.

“Will see what Eleider wants to do with it all. It will take the right decisions to bring it back. I don’t think [a world championship] either in the medium or long term. I think it’s going to be short-term. “

“This is a step back, but not so important that it has analyzed Michel. Kovalev made a pass a-K.-O. the last time and he made the adjustments to come back like he did tonight. Eleider is smart enough to make the necessary adjustments it also ; it doesn’t concern me. “

This defeat, Alvarez (24-1, 12 K.-O.), however, on the ice, the planned arrangement with Top Rank and ESPN, which was to ensure that seven combat or associate with the network for 24 months in the event of a victory. Alvarez has touched US $1 million for this fight, and he should be paid more for each of the duels with Top Rank.

Michel does not believe that the agreement, which allowed the GYM to place another of his boxers in foreplay every time, is in danger.

“We have already in the agreement un combat filet’that you can ask anytime and the agreement with ESPN may enter into force by returning to the path of victory, he argued. We could also find it quickly in the world championship, as the other boxers might be tempted to challenge him after his performance against Kovalev. It is part of the elite of the division mid-heavy. It is only to make the necessary adjustments. “

Yet, 24 hours earlier, the sponsor believed that a defeat could make it so that the offers are not happening in his office to his protégé.

“Alvarez needs to prove that his victory [of August] was not an accident of course, that it is not a “one hit wonder”. A defeat te relegates to the rank of the aspirants, and an aspiring dangerous : they would not be invited often to the party, ” he said then.

Kovalev was able to listen to

As for Kovalev (33-3-1, 28 K.-O.), force is to admit that the boxer who seemed to be at the end of the roller in the aftermath of its defeat in the August 4, was able to adapt and above all, listen to her entourage.

“I think that Sergey has won all of the rounds. Alvarez has delivered an amazing fight the last time, taking advantage of the fact that Sergey was not the shadow of himself, said his promoter, Kathy Duva. This time, he has had to deal with Sergey who fought against Jean Pascal. He set everything he was doing wrong in a short time with the team, dad (Lou Duva): Tony Cruz, and Buddy McGirt, who had revived the career of Arturo Gatti. “

“Kovalev was the best. It was well prepared, admitted Michel. Instead of going for the homerun as before, he let go his hands : he threw over 800 punches. Eleider wanted to pass him the K. O., but he has forgotten boxer. This is not a defeat. It did not pass the K.-O. He is going to watch this fight with Marc, who is not happy. Eleider has not been able to adjust in the fight, despite the advice of the corner. “


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