Elena Kravets spoke about the friendship with the first lady

The star of “Studio Quarter 95” told communicates whether now with Vladimir and Elena Zelensky.

Елена Кравец высказалась о дружбе с первой леди

Elena Kravets spoke about the friendship with the first lady

Actress and Executive Director of the “Studio Quarter 95“ Elena Kravetz took part in the program “Life vdoma people.“ During the interview, the 43-year-old actress spoke about the current Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky and his wife Elena.

So, Kravets assured that her relationship with Zelensky has not changed. She still considers them friends. But now former colleagues in the “Quarter“ is rarely seen.

“I understand. More precisely, as I do not understand and can not realize the full amount of worries, tasks, challenges they faced on a daily basis, so I try not to touch it. I don’t know how it is. I think it is possible to go crazy,“ – said Elena.

In addition, the star of “95 Quarter“, said that he admires Elena Zelensky. Kravec admitted that he believes the President’s wife is incredibly strong and deserves the title of first lady.

“She’s very dignified, feminine and at the same time incredibly strong somehow translates itself in General. Well, I like it contradicts itself, it is nothing imagines she is. I mean, maybe somewhere there is this resource, potential, well, because, conventionally, there is no way out. I told her I could not. She says: “Oh come on, you too, I look at you, you this here, this here, you take it, smiling.“ I said, “It was all different. You know, I’m on the stage of Ukraine, and you’re on the world stage – it’s all on a different scale“, – said Yelena Kravets.

Earlier, Elena Kravets showed baby photos of the eldest daughter.

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