Elena Kravets was first told about the loss of two children

Елена Кравец впервые рассказала о потере двоих детей

Actress of the Studio “Kvartal 95” Elena Kravetz has three children. The woman admitted that she could be a mother of five, but twice lost the pregnancy at the same time.

Talented actress and successful woman in the Ukrainian show-business Elena Kravetz has managed to pass many tests. After Elena’s daughter was born, she wanted to become a mother for the second time, but she could not. Celebrity lost two children on the eighth week of pregnancy. She told about it in a candid interview for the program “Life of famous people” on TV channel “1+1”.

Miscarriages happen because of a busy schedule Helen. She was always in a hurry, had a career and it could not get the desired happiness.

I have twice stopped the pregnancy. It happened at the same time. There was a chase, and at this speed, children are not hatching. Once this was so hard to say,
– admitted the actress.

In 2016 she gave birth to twins. Elena told me that could not believe in something that goes with two toddlers. Then the husband told her that it returned the long-awaited kids.

I thought that the doctor was not looking at my picture that someone before me were twins. My mind could not accept it
– shared star mother.

Kravets advised those who are faced with a similar situation, do not be afraid to ask for help to psychologists. So worry the stress will be much easier. Now Elena is happy and is enjoying every minute of motherhood. Not in a hurry and spends time with children.

Elena Kravets in the “Life of famous people”: watch video

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