Elon Musk Says Starship Will Get Humans To The Moon ‘Probably Before’ 2024

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Elon Musk Says Starship Will Get Humans To The Moon ‘Probably Before’ 2024

Months ago, SpaceX managed to land its Starship SN15 safely. In light of this success, company founder Elon Musk explained on Twitter that the rocket is ready to fly in the absence of regulatory approval of a unit of the ship.

In addition, he noted that it is likely that Starship is ready to launch human mission to the Moon “probably”before the year 2024. In addition, he said that “the first orbital stack of the Starship rocket should be ready for flight within a few weeks.”

The tycoon’s company plans to carry out the first orbital launch test of its Starship spacecraft soon, with which in the future seeks to transport cargo and people to the Moon, to Mars and other space missions.

On May 5, SpaceX successfully tested a prototype Starship and the vehicle, the SN15, flew at an altitude of 10 kilometers before complete a successful landing, after four failed attempts since last December that ended in explosions.

SpaceX’s Starship works in a very similar way to the Falcon 9. To reuse part of the launch stage It is necessary for the engine to descend to Earth and, just before landing, it starts its engines so that it does not touch the surface abruptly.

For some analysts, the setting of this ship it’s even riskier than the Apollo program, which had the commitment of the entire country and a budget of 152,000 million dollars compared to 2,900 million of the Starship HLS program.

For this reason, Blue Origin called SpaceX’s plan to transport astronauts on its Starship rocket as an “immensely complex and high risk project“.

“There is an unprecedented amount of technologies, developments and operations that have never been done before for Starship to land on the Moon,” argued Jeff Bezos’ company.

An illustration shows Starship on the satellite. Photo: AP

Blue Origin also makes other technical comparisons of its own manned lunar lander concept to SpaceX’s, noting that Musk’s company plan requires more than 10 Starship launches to land once on the Moon and needs to refuel in orbit, a process that, he emphasizes, “has not been done before either.”

Flight plan

The plan for the first orbital test flight envisages that a new Starship prototype (probably the SN20) leave the atmosphere and re-enter into your first orbit and attempt a soft landing off the Hawaiian island of Kauai in the Pacific Ocean.

Meanwhile, the Starship Super Heavy rocket will try to land in the Gulf of Mexico, off the coast of Boca Chica. It is expected that the flight lasts just over 90 minutes.

Last week, SpaceX showed photos of its largest rocket, the starship super heavy, fully assembled on the launch pad.

Elon Musk Says Starship Will Get Humans To The Moon ‘Probably Before’ 2024

The successful launch of the Starship SN15. AFP photo

SpaceX seeks that Starship are fully reusable rockets, which would significantly reduce its cost.

The Starship is designed as a large cargo ship, with the potential to carry people and everything necessary to go to the Moon or Mars. In fact, SpaceX has a first flight with this spacecraft around the Moon scheduled for 2023.

The company intends to transport cargo and people to the Moon, Mars and other space missions. Each ship will be capable of carrying loads of more than 100 tons and 100 passengers at a time.