Eminem explained why he made the “Oscar” only 17 years after the victory

Before the rapper was upset that the Oscars did not understand.

Эминем объяснил, почему выступил на «Оскаре» лишь спустя 17 лет после победы

In 2003, Eminem won the “Oscar” for the song “Lose Yourself” for the film “8 mile.” So far he is the first and only rapper who won an Oscar. But at the ceremony, Eminem has not appeared — has left the public without a speech, and the statuette handed to him.

This year Eminem first came on the scene 92-th ceremony of awarding the prize “Oscar” in Los Angeles and performed the song, which earned him the coveted award 17 years ago. The appearance of Eminem on stage was for the guests a complete surprise.

In 2003, when Barbra Streisand announced the winner live, Eminem was sitting at home with my daughter and watched cartoons. The rapper admits that previously considered “the Oscars” “the holds” and did not believe she could win the prize. In addition, the young actor didn’t expect that the audience Oscars it will support and understand.

But after the ceremony I realized that they are all real. You can not come to the prize and still get it. It’s for real. I thought since everything is fair, it would be possible to speak finally

said Eminem. He admitted that he wanted to make his appearance at the Oscars 2020 unexpected, so I prepared and rehearsed.

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