Employees of the Apple Store will pay for the waiting time until they are searched

Сотрудникам Apple Store оплатят время ожидания, пока их обыскивают

The court ordered Apple to pay for employees of Apple stores, while they stand in line to check bags.

California law demands that Apple pay its employees for the search which is carried out before they come outside the shop, decided by the state Supreme court.

A group of Apple employees filed a lawsuit against the technology giant accusing that they pay BAA wasting time, waiting in queue to check their bags. The 9th district U.S. court of appeals, where the case is currently pending, has asked the California Supreme court to clarify whether state law compensation.

The decision, written by chief justice Tani Kantil-Sakuya, the court declared that must be paid for all time during which an employee is on the territory of the employer and under his control.

Apple has 52 retail stores in California, the company requires all employees to pass through check bags, packages, purses, backpacks, briefcases and personal Apple devices such as iPhone, for theft prevention. Waiver of search can be a reason for dismissal.

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