Energy suppliers continue to reduce prices, and ČEZ will also offer a tariff below the price ceiling this year

Energy suppliers continue to reduce prices, and ČEZ will also offer a tariff below the price ceiling this year

The energy supplier continues to reduce prices, the tariff will offer below the price ceiling this year and ČEZ

ČEZ headquarters in Prague – illustrative photo.

Prague – Energetická společnost ČEZ will adjust its fixed tariff with prices below the government ceiling from April. It will now offer electricity and gas prices under the ceiling for this year as well, and prices will continue to fall in the following years. In an interview with, the head of ČEZ, Daniel Beneš, said this. Company spokesman Roman Gazdík added to ČTK that ČEZ first reacted to the reduction of energy prices on the market already in February and that the company will regularly improve price lists if the situation allows. Other companies are also gradually reducing the supply of electricity and gas below the price ceiling.

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“We introduced a fixed product some time ago, the so-called stairs, when we said that the price of electricity for the first year of fixation would be some, but still above the price ceiling determined by the government measure, and then the second year was lower and the third year even lower. And due to the prices at which we are buying now, we were able to reduce the prices of these fixed products under government-guaranteed ceilings from April 1,” Beneš told Blesku today.

According to him, a customer who fixes prices at ČEZ for one to three years, starting in April, the first year will receive a price of 4,850 crowns per megawatt-hour of electricity without VAT, with the government cap being 5,000 CZK without VAT. the government ceiling is CZK 2,500 per MWh. This will apply to completely new customers as well as existing customers whose time has come to refix, he added.

Since the beginning of the year, most energy suppliers have offered tariffs to new customers with prices based on the government's price ceiling. Distribution fees need to be added to this. The so-called ceilings apply to households, companies and public institutions.

ČEZ first reacted to the reduction of energy prices on the market in February. It was then that he introduced a new concept of fixed tariffs with electricity and gas prices, where the prices gradually fell. However, in the first year of the commitment, customers continued to pay capped prices, clients were to pay less in subsequent years.

“But at the same time, we said that we would regularly look at the price lists and improve them, if the situation allows. We have now done that and are going with the price even lower. In the first year, customers will be under the ceiling. At the same time, we have also prepared a new one-year fixed , which is already under the ceiling in the first year,” Gazdík said today about the adjustment.

After the adjustment, ČEZ offers electricity for the above-mentioned 4,850 CZK per MWh and gas for 2,390 CZK per MWh in the first year of the commitment. In the next two years, prices gradually decrease, for example for gas in the third year by up to 40 percent against the price ceiling. However, the condition for prices below the government ceiling is a fixation for one, two or three years.

Other suppliers have already started offering energy prices below the limits set by the government in recent weeks. For example, E.ON reduced its clients' electricity against the ceiling by six percent and gas by eight percent without a long-term commitment. Innogy, for example, also reduced prices for clients without a long-term commitment, both for gas and, more recently, for electricity. Centropol and MND also announced price reductions for existing customers. From May, Pražská plynárenská will also reduce its sales prices of natural gas and electricity under the limit set by the government, Pražská energetika will also offer a new fixed product from mid-March.

The wholesale price of electricity has fallen to 130 euros (about 3120 CZK) in recent weeks ) per MWh without VAT. For gas, it dropped to 50 euros (roughly 1,200 CZK) per MWh. Last summer, the prices of both commodities were significantly above the limit set by the government.