Equipment for emergency rescues stolen in Rivière-Héva

Equipment for emergency rescues stolen in Rivière-Héva

Emergency rescue equipment stolen from Heva River

The trailer for interventions in isolated environments was stolen overnight from Tuesday to Wednesday.

The Rivière-Héva Fire Department had its trailer and equipment stolen emergency rescue in an isolated environment.

The theft was committed during the night of Tuesday to Wednesday, in an annex of the fire station.

A trailer and its contents, an emergency evacuation sled, an all-terrain vehicle and equipment used by firefighters and paramedics during rescues were stolen.

The sled was found Wednesday morning in the Preissac area, but the other items remain missing.

Firefighters and paramedics use this equipment to respond to emergencies in isolated environments.

We have no idea who could have stolen this. The [handle] in front of the trailer was locked, as was the door. But a thief is a thief, laments Nathalie Savard, Director General of the Municipality and Deputy Director of the Rivière-Héva Fire Safety Service.

The loss of this equipment prevents Rivière-Héva from participating in rescue operations in an isolated environment, an operation that must be carried out jointly between two barracks.

We have notified our colleagues from Malartic and Val-d 'Or as well as the Emergency Call Center, adds Ms. Savard. We need to change our intervention procedures. It's a shame because we care about emergency rescue. We do this job to help people, to rescue them. It breaks our hearts. Because of this act, there are people who will suffer if caught in isolation. We won't be able to answer until this is resolved.

The Sûreté du Québec is investigating.