Escape clever dogs from the kennel have fun Network

Побег ловких собак из питомника повеселил Сеть

Animals are not stopped by a high fence.

The network is gaining popularity video of the escape of two dogs from the kennel. The reluctance of being cooped up so much the dogs that they overcome almost impossible. A funny video appeared on Instagram account Just Love Dogs, reports.

The footage shows that animals are walking in the territory fenced with a high fence from the grid.

One of the dogs tired of being cooped up and she decides to run. The poodle is very cleverly starts to climb the fence, his actions attracting the attention of their barking brethren.

When the dog has almost reached the top, one of his companions in captivity in two jumps overcomes the barrier and escapes.

This causes a huge stir among the remaining on-site dog kennel.

Escape the dog laugh network users. They umilil the fact that animals are neat and even fashionable to wear. Users have suggested that the dogs tired of the quarantine.

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