Espace bleu: expansion project at the Vieux-Palais d'Amos

Espace bleu: expansion project at the Vieux-Palais d'Amos

Blue space  : expansion project at the Vieux-Palais d’Amos

A sketch of the project when it will be completed.

The MNA for Abitibi-Ouest, Suzanne Blais, presented Thursday the architectural concept of the Espace bleu de l'Abitibi -Témiscamingue, a $26 million museum project aimed at promoting the region's cultural heritage.

Ms. 'Amos, will retain the beaux-arts style of the old building while being expanded.

It is a new building that is added next to the old palace. There will be multimedia rooms, two beautiful large showrooms and also a place for catering to discover our regional products, she says.

Sébastien D'Astous, Mayor of Amos, and Suzanne Blais, MNA for Abitibi-Ouest, in front of a sketch of the project.

Suzanne Blais made this announcement on behalf of the Minister of Culture and Communications, Mathieu Lacombe, absent from the press conference. Remember that the latter is also the minister responsible for Abitibi-Témiscamingue.

Announced in August 2021, the Espace bleu de l'Abitibi-Témiscamingue should open for the summer of 2025. The cultural heritage of Abitibi-Témiscamingue that will be exhibited remains unknown at this time. It's the surprise of the opening, reports Ms. Blais.

An overview of inside the future Espace bleu in Amos.

The mayor of Amos, Sébastien d'Astous, who is delighted with the choice of the Vieux-Palais by the Government of Quebec, believes that citizens free themselves from the weight of a tax burden.

This is a building that still needed a lot of renovations. Over the past few years, we have put a lot of it. It remains that for a city of 14,000 inhabitants like Amos, it was still not negligible, the money we had to invest, he mentions.

The Old Palace of Amos, which will house the Espace bleu museum of Abitibi-Témiscamingue.

Mayor D'Astous judges that the Espace bleu, whose work should begin next fall, will benefit the citizens of its municipality.

It is the government that will have to manage the infrastructure, but it remains that it is our cultural organizations. We are the ones who will live off the Blue Space and who will be able to take advantage of it to make the history of Abitibi-Témiscamingue better known, asserts Mr. D'Astous.

Les Espaces bleus is a network of museums announced by the Quebec government in August 2021.

Preparatory work began in the summer of 2022. Construction should begin next fall, once the call for tenders process has been completed.