EU.  Mexican women expelled from swimming pool for playing Spanish music

EU. Mexican women expelled from swimming pool for playing Spanish music

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EU.  Mexican women expelled from swimming pool for playing Spanish music

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Mexico City / 07/19/2021 10:26:31

The signs of racism continue to appear daily, this despite the fact that there are campaigns that seek to make society aware that it should not discriminate or violate in any way a person because of their skin color, sex or place of origin. Such is the case of a group of Latina women –among them Mexican– who were expelled from a swimming pool for listening to music in Spanish in the United States. In case of discrimination and racism became visible on TikTok and went viral.

It was through social networks where this case became visible. A video shows how a group of women argue with an officer who asks them to leave. What did you do? Although those affected did not do anything negative, only listening to music in Spanish were expelled.

The person in charge of removing the women was an officer from the Hendersonville Sheriff’s Office, who received the order from the owner of the gym – Flex Fitness Center – to expel the women for listening to music in Spanish.

Victims of discrimination and racism immediately reacted. They expressed that inequality and racism hurt them. They detailed that when they listened to music in English nothing happened, but when they switched to songs in Spanish everything changed.

“It hurts so much to see inequality and racism”, says a woman to the policeman.

“She had music in English and they don’t say anything, but since our music was in Spanish, she –the manager– with a bad attitude disconnected and took our speaker and that is not equality”, added the woman.

Likewise, the woman who confronted the discrimination explained that when the manager was upset by listening to Mexican music, she expressed that it did not make her a businesswoman or an intelligent person.

“You know why she called you – the woman says to the police – I told her – to the manager – ‘you are not a business woman. You’re not smart, because we pay you. ‘ She should have come and told us that she had to turn off the music, but she didn’t give us an explanation. “reported one of the affected women.

The video has gone viral on social media and has generated severe reactions calling for a halt to discrimination. Through the spouse-toxic TikTok account, another young woman –of those affected– admitted that she felt “annoyance, sadness”, because “she never –thought– experience something like this”.

“It was very humiliating what they did to remove us for no reason”, external.

Finally, they reaffirmed that they take this case to the Court, since they want them to stop discriminating against them for not being American and not having English as their language of origin.

.“Justice for Mexicans, they have to eat for them”, said another violent woman.