EU vows to help Afghanistan host refugees

EU vows to help Afghanistan host refugees

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EU vows to help Afghanistan host refugees


Mexico City / 08/31/2021 16:31:00

The ministers of Justice and Inside of the European Union (EU) pledged to support Afghanistan’s neighbors to help them house people fleeing the new taliban regime and avoid a new wave of immigrants heading to Europe.

“(The EU and its 27 countries) are determined to act together to prevent a repeat of the illegal migratory movements uncontrolled large-scale events that occurred previously, by preparing a coordinated and orderly response, ”the ministers said.

The European Commissioner for the Interior, Ylva johansson, said that so far there has not been a major exodus of Afghans, but insisted that there is a huge risk of humanitarian crisis “If the Taliban turns out to be the same Taliban we’ve seen in the past.” Similarly, JOhansson added that the EU is “a long way from recognizing the Taliban regime.”

The EU said it will only cooperate with the Afghan government after the Taliban return to power if they respect fundamental rights and oppose the use of Afghan land by terrorist groups.

“We have not seen any response to the fundamental conditions that must be met,” said Johansson, adding that the EU has already frozen development aid to Afghanistan in order to pressure the Taliban.