Eugene Smorygin of Diesel Show lost 70 thousand dollars from fraudsters

The actor has performed that he is 10 years old and collected in apartment.

Евгений Сморигин из Дизель Шоу потерял 70 тысяч долларов из-за мошенницы

Eugene Smorygin from “Diesel Show” lost 70 thousand dollars from fraudsters

Belarusian actor, TV host and producer, star of the humorous project “Diesel Show“ Eugene Smorygin told how once got in trouble. A close friend lured the artist a large sum of money. About this Eugene admitted in the program “Sravi way“ in category “Kava z pepper“ on the channel “Ukraine“.

Smorygin noted that for a long time collected money for an apartment. And when the wife of the showman, Lydia, was in her eighth month of pregnancy, one of the close friends of Eugene has offered assistance with the purchase of housing.

“I, for the period of KVN, for 10 years, has been able to accumulate a certain amount. 60 thousand dollars I had. That’s all it was. And when I found out that the pregnant woman is already a lead, I had to buy at least something, some kind of apartment. We met in one of the clubs with a certain Olga. Olga Kulyk, the woman that was“ – shared Smorygin.

The actor admitted that he gave the entire amount to Olga without any receipts. In addition, it took another 10 thousand dollars from his colleague Dmitry Tankovich supposedly for Parking.

“And here I take money and give it to her, so no receipts, no nothing, well she is the best friend. And I have learned that Tankovich borrow another 10 Grand and she’s so… She already knew that all,“ recalled Eugene.

A year later Smorygin still managed to buy an apartment and soon he was invited to play in the Ukrainian project “Diesel show“. Now the Belarusian actor along with his family lives in a country house near Kiev.

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