European Football Championship  European Championship defeat breaks Prince William’s heart – Italian football victor

European Football Championship European Championship defeat breaks Prince William’s heart – Italian football victor

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European Football Championship  European Championship defeat breaks Prince William’s heart – Italian football victor

“This is an important victory for the whole nation and for all the fans,” said Italian head coach Roberto Mancini.

In Britain royals and politicians have taken part in the moaning of the people in the aftermath of the European Football Championship defeat.

The Italian football victory has been commented on by, among others, the Prince, the president of the English Football Association William, who was in the stands the prince of his seven – year – old son Georgen with.

William described On Twitter the loss in the penalty shootout was heartbreaking and congratulated the Italian national team.

“You’ve all gotten this far, but unfortunately our day didn’t come with this batch. You can all keep your head up and be proud of yourself, ”William told the England team.

Likewise, the British Prime Minister who followed the match in Wembley Boris Johnson in turn, evaluate on their own in his suite the British team played heroically.

Former Prime Minister Theresa May evaluates On Twitter the team may have lifted in the wake of repeated coronavirus blockages and restrictions. In addition, he praised, among other things, the team’s skill and dedication to his country.

The headline of the British newspaper Guardian estimated that England’s victory was “so close”. The Times, for their part, outlined the penalty kick that denied England the dream. The Daily Telegraph estimates the loss will hurt.

Despite the gloom of the designs, the British newspapers, like politicians and royalty, had enough words of praise for the English team.

Italy returned to the European men’s soccer championship after a 53-year hiatus. It defeated the host country in the European Championship final in London after the England penalty shootout 3–2.

The settlement came after England’s fifth shots Bukayo Saka failed to turn Italian goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumman successful in their fight.

Head coach of England Gareth Southgate urged the team after the game to use the suffering from the loss of Italy as fuel for future success.

In Italy, football fans took to the streets to celebrate their country’s European championship. In the center of Rome, the country’s capital, a concert of fog horns and car horns was refreshed amid a cloud of smoke from fireworks.

Italian captain Giorgio Chiellini described the post-victory feeling as incredible. According to him, ever since the end of May, there have been signs of something magical in the air.

National team head coach Roberto Mancini issued by an Italian newspaper Gazzetta dello Sportin according to the victory after his first interview with the Italian broadcaster Raille.

“This is an important victory for the whole nation and for all the fans. We are happy. I hope they celebrate, ”he communicated to Italian football fans.

Mancini’s team will return to Rome to celebrate their victory, even though the Italian players initially seemed completely unprepared for what was expected of them in London.

England’s barking support troops provided the visiting team with a hostile atmosphere. Of Wembley’s insults, the thick air and the tactical choices made by England’s head coach seemed to surprise the Italians.

Italy has won four world championships, but only took its second European Championship victory. The previous European Championship was in 1968.

“It’s ours! Football came home, ”wrote the Italian magazine Corriere dello Sport.

Magazine wrote also on social media circulating the Italian president Sergio Mattarellan from a picture in which the president encourages the Italian national team.

Corriere dello Sportin published the pictures show the Italians celebrating after the victory on the street in the throes of red emergency flares. Some people are playing on the street without shirts and many are waving Italian red and white flags.

After the final whistle, the fans had flooded the fan areas wrapped in flags and gathered in the square of Venice, the first king of the united Italy Viktor Emanuel IIat the base of the monument.

The Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera wrote on Sunday: “After the greatest tragedy in post-war Italy, Italians are smiling again.” The European Championship kingship returns to Italy three years after the Italian national football team dropped out of the World Cup for the first time in 60 years.

“We can’t win everything,” a fan named Piero told news agency AFP.

Technically, large gatherings are forbidden, but it was difficult to prevent young and old from encountering after months of coronary arrests have severely restricted people’s social lives. However, police observed the party.

There were hardly any face masks in the fan crowd. Their use outdoors is no longer required after the end of June. Initially, there had also been discussions about installing a possible giant race display, but for fear of an infection spike caused by the delta transformation, the idea was not implemented.

The Italians hoped for a double victory over England over the weekend, but a Serbian tennis star Novak Djokovic defeated the Italian Matteo Berrettin In Wimbledon. Djokovic also took his sixth Wimbledon victory and his 20th Grand Slam victory at the same time.

Despite the loss to Wimbledon, Italy has had a successful year, at least at European level, as in addition to the football championship, Italy also took the Eurovision victory. The Italian band Måneskin won the visa final in May with their song Zitti E Buoni.

Recent success stories have brought the necessary respite to the Mediterranean state, which has been severely punished by the corona pandemic. Italy was the first European country to be hit hard by the coronavirus. During the pandemic, more than 128,000 corona-related deaths have been recorded in the country.

51 years old Pierluigi de Amicis considers the football championship to be “the salvation after a year and a half of pandemic, suffering and death”.

“Hopefully the delta transformation won’t ruin everything,” he adds.