Evacuation of Ukrainians from Wuhan: in Novye Sanzhary block the roads, there drove military equipment

Эвакуация украинцев из Уханя: в Новых Санжарах блокируют дороги, туда пригнали военную технику

In New Sanzhary men blocked the road and protest against the fact that there brought evacuees from the Chinese Wuhan Ukrainians. Meanwhile, at the entrance of the town began to bring their troops on buses and armored cars.

In social networks people the night began to call to gather and block the exits.

In particular, car owners are encouraged to gather near the military sanatorium of the national guard in New Sanzhary.

The information that there is supposed to bring evacuated from China of Ukrainians on the eve of spread in social networks and media. Simultaneously, the Ministry of the interior is still not officially announced where it will place evacuated.

Lock entries in Novye Sanzhary: watch the video

To move to a New Sanzhary drove armored cars: watch video

As of the morning of 20 February, the people gathered even more. Between protesters and police officers already having small skirmishes.

Brawl in Novye Sanzhary, people block the road: video

How many people block the road in Novye Sanzhary: watch the video

In New Sanzhary got a lot of law enforcement officers: video

By the way, at the entrance to the runway in Kharkiv, it seems, are preparing for the arrival of something dangerous. The buses arrived promptly and rescue service, as well as in protective suits waiting doctors.

Evacuation of Ukrainians from Wuhan: short

Plane evacuated Ukrainians left China the evening of 19 February. In Ukraine it needs to arrive at 8 a.m. February 20. Then all evacuated and the crew put on a two-week quarantine.

From Wuhan took only the health of Ukrainians. In fact, getting on a plane didn’t stand a chance, even those who picked up a common cold, because the Board did not let the people who have body temperature above 37.2 degrees.

As to the hospital, where they will be evacuated – it will be under constant guard, and in the room will apply all necessary measures infection safety: protective suits, incineration, and decontamination of waste.

Evacuees can leave the place of quarantine after 14 days, but only after they have undergone all the necessary procedures and checks.

Эвакуация украинцев из Уханя: в Новых Санжарах блокируют дороги, туда пригнали военную технику

Sanjar near New bus stand with the military

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