Every tenth Covid patient in the clinic is vaccinated – the intensive care doctor explains the situation

Every tenth Covid patient in the clinic is vaccinated – the intensive care doctor explains the situation

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Every tenth Covid patient in the clinic is vaccinated – the intensive care doctor explains the situation

Updated: 08/19/202122:02

Vaccinations offer very good protection against Covid-19. But people who have been vaccinated can also get Corona. Some also require intensive care in the hospital.

Berlin – In Germany, 606 Covid-19 patients are currently being treated in an intensive care unit. Of these, 289 have to be artificially ventilated. This can be seen from the data in the DIVI intensive care register (as of August 19, 11:23 a.m.). The day before, there were 595 Covid patients in the intensive care units in Germany. The numbers have been increasing since the end of July.

Covid despite vaccination? DIVI intensive care physician presents figures

Most Covid sufferers in German clinics do not have a corona vaccination *. Every tenth corona patient is sick despite being vaccinated, according to intensive care physicians.

“We currently have 12 to 13 percent of Covid patients in clinics with vaccination protection in North Rhine-Westphalia. This quota should also correspond to the nationwide quota ”, said the Cologne intensive care physician Christian Karagiannidis from the German Interdisciplinary Association for Intensive and Emergency Medicine (DIVI) Funke media group. The majority are treated in the normal wards, but there are also individual cases in the intensive care units. “Here the number is currently in the lower single-digit range.”

Despite a complete vaccination, the corona vaccines against the coronavirus * are not 100 percent effective. However, a vaccination against the highly contagious Delta variant also offers good protection against a severe course of the disease. Science agrees on this. There can be different reasons why people become infected with corona despite a vaccination.

Coronavirus: Every tenth Covid patient in the clinic is vaccinated – doctors talk about reasons

In his experience, the inpatiently treated people with breakthroughs in the vaccination are patients with a restricted immune response, for example as a result of drug dampening of the immune system. It is important that patients who have a subdued immune system are offered a third vaccination as a booster, explained the intensive care doctor Karagiannidis.

“We have to vaccinate more,” wrote Karagiannidis on August 17th on Twitter. He believes the incidences are cause for concern. The intensive care doctor warns of more patients in the fall.

“Current intensive occupancy with COVID19: 2 weeks ago we were with around 350 patients, today with 574. Almost all of them are initial admissions. The age of the patients is falling. There is enough capacity, but we need to vaccinate more. Incidences remain linked to occupancy, ”Karagiannidis tweeted.

Corona incidence in Germany continues to rise

The incidence in Germany is currently increasing. On Thursday morning the value is 44.2. The incidence has so far been the basis for many corona restrictions in the pandemic. In view of the vaccination rate, the value alone is insufficiently meaningful, so the criticism. Hospital admissions should be given greater consideration in the future. In the debate about the significance of increasing incidences, Karagiannidis clearly stated that “the incidence is linked to hospital admissions.” In the corona pandemic in Germany, he believes that the incidence remains an important value for assessing the course in autumn and winter.

Karagiannidis also announced that the DIVI intensive care registry will in future also collect and publish information about the vaccination status of Covid patients in intensive care units. (ml / dpa) * Merkur.de is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA