Everyone has their before and after. – Thank Kaminska commented on the new song “DeAngelo”

У каждого есть свое до и после. – Слава Каминская прокомментировала новую песню "НеАнгелов"

Today, July 19, the popular group “Neangely” presented a new track “Before and After”. The song became wildly popular among fans of the team, and the network suggested that composition is a kind of revelation of the Glory Kaminskaya about divorce.

Lyrical track “Before and After” published on the YouTube channel of the band “DeAngelo”. Now the actress presented an audio version of the song, the cover of which appeared the glory of the one in a black jacket and white hat. Symbolic star wore one white glove, what’s the supporters, too, have noticed an allusion to divorce with Edgar Kaminsky.

No less nagging were the words of the new song “DeAngelo”. In the song singer tell about the experiences of women after the breakup. At the same time in the network Thank Kaminska wrote that everyone has their before and after. In the article, the star explained how she sees these words in my life.

“Everyone has their own before and after. To is energy, strength and desire to realize and idealize and after is always a story that we create and which creates us. My after was the meaning of my life that didn’t exist before! After my gave me absolute love, and the ability to hear the magic word “Mama”! My gave me hope, strength and opportunity to fulfill his destiny,” shared Glory Kaminska.

Listen to the new song “DeAngelo” – “Before and After” audio

What is known about the divorce of Fame and Edgar Kaminsky?For the first time about the breakup by the representatives of the media reported on 5 June. Then on the official website of the Metropolitan court there were documents about the divorce of Fame and Edgar Kaminsky. The statement pointed out that the initiator was a plastic surgeon. Subsequently Edgar in his blog wrote that all is for the best.

The Glory refused to publicly comment on the breakup. But her husband explained to fans that 2 years ago too, wanted to end the relationship. But then he gave marriage a second chance. “I always do – give second chance, not another person, not employee, not a friend, namely himself, because it’s my decision, my action and my conclusion. A second chance – it’s time to review the first decision and conclusion,” admitted plastic surgeon after the attacks of the haters. July 2, the couple officially divorced.

“Neangely” – “Before and After”: the text of a new song

Today I’m going to drink alcohol
And throw all your things
To somehow forget the pain
It is to my mind not brought
Today I’m up in the morning
To gather themselves in parts
Today I will be your yesterday
To cut with a dull knife in half

Before and after
Split the world
Before and after
Staring up holes photo
Where are we in this together
It happens because that’s how
Before and after
Once and for all
Before and after
Between us now wave
But stupid heart still remembers

Today I’m going to smoke
Remove you network of friends
Here’s to the head to kill you
But you cling to it
Again tomorrow will be like yesterday
Only new number in the calendar
My memory as the worst enemy
Again to peck on you


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