Exercise helps to stay on a diet

Тренировка помогает держаться на диете

A new study by the Drexel University suggests that physical exercises are a kind of dietary exclusion, a protective factor, which regulates hunger and reduces appetite. Thus, training helps to stay on the diet and less to break.

Experience has shown that after 60 minutes of exercise the risk of overeating after a workout is reduced from 12 to 5 percent. And every 10 minutes follow-up exercises, participants decreased appetite the rest of the day.

Study author Rebecca Crozier (Rebecca Crochiere) noted that almost all programs weight loss prescribe exercise, but not just because of the calorie consumption. “Interestingly, our research suggests that exercise can also help in the diet with a reduced calorie, perhaps by improving the regulation of appetite and eating behavior,” says the author.

Easy charging, in contrast to the training of high efficiency, proved to be the strongest protection from overeating.

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