Expert advice: what to do if you start to hurt the lower back?

Some people bother pain in the lower back. This Department is called the lumbosacral experiencing a daily maximum loads, it is not surprising that there is pain. It is not a question about the prevention of such problems. It is more important to talk about what to do if hips started aching. This is what we asked the surgeon Evgeny Shiryaev.

Совет эксперта: что делать, если начала болеть поясница?

To move more

The doctor advises to move more, to avoid problems with the loin. But if they are already there, you have also less sitting, more walking. At work, where most people sit at their table have to get up, to move. Perfect to do a small workout every hour. This is very often practiced in schools, so why not instill this habit in the office? Tilt, rotate in different directions, walking — these simple exercises will help if you have hips started aching.

No weights

It is advisable not to carry heavy weights, if hips started aching. But if you have such a job, or you want to do something around the house, you have to follow certain rules. So, you need to hold abdominal muscles in pull up position, and not to throw out the stomach. Bags and boxes should be raised as close to your body, not to bend over standing on the floor objects, and sit down and raise the weight. It would help if a sore lower back.

To train the abdominal muscles

You must teach yourself to keep the muscles aligned position. It will strengthen them and help in some way to take the weight off the lower back.


The most good for lower back exercises that strengthen the spine and muscles, encircling the waist like a corset. Exercise will allow the muscles to stay in a fortified condition and remove the excess load from the lumbar region. If the spine becomes more flexible, you can avoid situations where vessels are in the bent state, there occurs compression of the nerve endings. Accordingly, the waist will not hurt.

If you have several weeks do not pass lumbar pain, it is best to consult a doctor. This can be a symptom of a serious disease.


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