F1 2021: Verstappen as strong as Hamilton |  FormulaPassion.it

F1 2021: Verstappen as strong as Hamilton | FormulaPassion.it

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F1 2021: Verstappen as strong as Hamilton |  FormulaPassion.it

The virtual is often accompanied by the real and allows fans not to ‘disconnect’ from their passion, rather to turn it on when they want. Formula 1 2021 will be released on July 16 for everyone in the standard version (the 13 in the Deluxe version, which allows it has seven icons of the past such as Nico Rosberg, David Coulthard, Felipe Massa, Jenson Button, Ayrton Senna, Alain Prost and Michael Schumacher), so it is very close to update your collection and challenge online pilots from all over the world. About a week after the official release of its game, Formula 1 has announced i values ​​of the drivers of the grid. The ratings were calculated based on four parameters: experience (number of races run), competition (positions gained or lost in a race compared to the average for a given grid slot), awareness (ability to avoid accidents or penalties in a race ) and pace (the closer you are to the fastest lap, the higher your score). The weighted average of these parameters will give the driver’s overall score.

The strongest, needless to say, are Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, both at 95. For both it is an improvement compared to last year, even if the Briton came from a 94, while Verstappen from a 90. The third, surprisingly, is Valtteri Bottas (92), followed by Lando Norris (91 ) and by the Ricciardo-Gasly couple (90). The pilots of the Ferrari are further back: Leclerc ninth with 88, Sainz tenth with 87, together with Raikkonen and Perez. Last and detached Mazepin with 67.

F1 2021, the ranking of drivers’ values

1. Hamilton-Verstappen (95)

3. Bottas (92)

4. Norris (91)

5. Gasly-Ricciardo (90)

7. Alonso-Vettel (89)

9. Leclerc (88)

10. Sainz-Perez-Raikkonen (87)

13. Ocon (86)

14. Russell (84)

15. Stroll (83)

16. Tsunoda (82)

17. Schumacher-Giovinazzi (79)

19. Latifi (71)

20. Mazepin (67)