F1, an unexpected Ferrari in the Netherlands.  But on the Verstappen pass it dominates

F1, an unexpected Ferrari in the Netherlands. But on the Verstappen pass it dominates

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F1, an unexpected Ferrari in the Netherlands.  But on the Verstappen pass it dominates

The Reds did well in FP2 at Zandvoort, in the wake of the good things done at Silverstone, with a mix of factors that bodes well. But on the race pace the Dutchman seems unattainable

The Ferraris of Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz, at the end of FP2, occupied the first and second position on the timesheet. A partly surprising performance after the scorching debacle at Spa, but which has its roots in two well-defined factors.

in the wake of Silverstone

On the one hand, Zandvoort is a highly loaded track, so on paper it does not highlight the problems of the SF21 which suffers, at least in theory, the long fast corners. In reality this can only partially justify the performance, in fact, even Budapest was an even higher load track than this one, but the SF21, especially in qualifying, had suffered. The most important factor, in fact, to justify the result obtained in FP2, lies in the high energy that the Dutch track is able to induce on the tires both in the elevated corners and in the mixed section. In fact, even though we are in a completely different context in terms of track type, we could say that the same conditions have been reproduced that had allowed the SF21 to perform well at Silverstone. The English track, in fact, due to the series of rapid changes of direction, characterized by the sequence of Maggots, Becketts and Chapel curves, had induced high energy on the shoulder of the tires, which were also renewed in the construction of the rear ones on the occasion of the British GP. . A mix of factors that reproduced similar stresses on the tires, here in the Netherlands, made it possible to quickly reach optimal operating temperatures, thus guaranteeing high traction when exiting the corners.

only one favorite

It is therefore a condition deriving from the layout of the track which also includes the two elevated curves which represent the most important novelty of this track. Now the necessary verification in qualifying of the performances seen in the second session, although it is correct to remember that in FP2 it was important to verify the race pace. Net of the problems that put Hamilton out of the game after only three laps, despite the local hero Verstappen finishing the tests only in fifth position, the race pace shown by his RB16-B seemed decidedly dominant.

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