F1 / GP Holland 2021, PL2: Leclerc opens the Ferrari double – LIVE |  FormulaPassion.it

F1 / GP Holland 2021, PL2: Leclerc opens the Ferrari double – LIVE | FormulaPassion.it

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F1 / GP Holland 2021, PL2: Leclerc opens the Ferrari double – LIVE |  FormulaPassion.it

[F1] – Good morning dear readers of FormulaPassion.it and welcome back with the appointment dedicated to the direct text of the second free practice session on 2021 Dutch Grand Prix, 13th stage of the Formula 1 world championship.

Session in progress

15.45 – Sainz currently completes the Ferrari double at 154 thousandths from Leclerc.

15.44 – Leclerc takes the lead and is the first to drop below 1’11 “: 1’10 “902.

15.43 – Third time for Verstappen at 190 thousandths from Ocon.

15.41Green light, cars with soft tires, qualifying simulations on the way.

15.40 – We will see if the teams want to try again the qualifying simulation anyway or if the long run will be preferred after this second red flag.

15.38 – In the meantime, this is our in-depth analysis of the problem Lewis Hamilton had.

15.37 – Lance Stroll was doing a super lap, Verstappen was also fast, but both could not complete it.

15.36 – Mazepin in gravel in Curva-11.

Red flag

15.35 – Third time for Alonso, who pays 495 thousandths to his boxmate. Verstappen is launched with soft rubber.

15.34 – Bottas remains behind Ocon at 58 thousandths behind Ocon.

15.33 – Gasly moves to third position.

15.32 – Gasly is also launched with soft rubber.

15.31 – Sainz moves ahead of Charles Leclerc in fourth position behind Ocon, Bottas and Verstappen.

15.29 – Best time of Ocon beating Bottas in the first sector (signal that in Mercedes they are not pushing with the power unit): 1’11 ″ 074 for the Alpine rider.

15.28 – Bottas takes the bar to 1’11 ″ 353, Leclerc climbs to third position at 408 thousandths from the Mercedes driver.

15.27 – Bottas improves in the first sector.

15.26 – Bottas will be the first to make the lap with soft rubber.

15.25 – Charles Leclerc climbs to fourth position, 234 thousandths of a delay by the Ferrari driver against Bottas.

15.24 – Giovinazzi was seventh at the moment, who had closed in eighth position in the morning.

15.23 – Ocon is third not far from the first two, 232 thousandths the delay of the Alpine driver compared to Bottas.

15.22 – Verstappen approaches Bottas, 29 thousandths between the two.

15.20 – The drivers did not change the tires.

15.19 – It is again an invasion of the track with all the riders pouring onto the track.

15.18Green light.

15.17 – The free practice session will resume in a minute.

15.16 – This was the situation when the action on the track was interrupted.

15.13 – It will certainly not be ideal for Hamilton to lose this whole free practice session after a morning in fits and starts.

15.12 – The Mercedes driver lost power on the starting straight and then tried to complete the lap stopping at the end of the return straight.

15.11 – Hamilton stopped on the track after warning “I’m losing power”.

Red flag

15.10 – Verstappen is now launched by setting the record in the first sector.

15.09 – Bottas climbs ahead of everyone in 1’11 ″ 664, Hamilton is three tenths of a second behind his box mate.

15.08 – Norris, Ricciardo, Alonso, Gasly, Russell and Latifi on the track with the hard, all the others chose the yellow band compound.

15.07 – Verstappen starts the work program with medium tires.

15.06 – Huge traffic on the track from the very first seconds.

15.05 – PL2 starts in Holland.

15.01Green light at 15:05.

15.00 – The start of the session is postponed.

14.58 – This free practice session will be essential after the long morning stop.

14.55 – 20 ° C the air temperature, 34 ° C that of the asphalt.

14.50 – Meanwhile, work continues on Vettel’s AMR21 # 5 at Aston Martin.

14.45 – Ocon only got away with a warning from the commissioners, who took into account the circumstances and the explanations offered by the French driver.

F1 / GP Holland 2021, PL2: Leclerc opens the Ferrari double – LIVE |  FormulaPassion.it

14.40 – The PL1 of Zandvoort also had a moment of tension, when Esteban Ocon and Lando Norris risked the accident. Traffic will be a big problem this weekend.

14.30 – These are the clues obtained by our Federico Albano on the PL1 of Zandvoort.

14.20 – Here is the in-depth analysis of the situation linked to the market-drivers.

14.10 – The first free practice session was characterized by a long interruption due to problems with the hybrid part of Sebastian Vettel’s power unit. Aston Martin blamed a commissioner for the 30-minute delay and installed an old German power unit, which will therefore incur no penalty for now.

14.00 – Market indiscretions arrive from France: Alex Albon would marry into Alfa Romeo, Nyck de Vries would go to Williams. Soon our dedicated piece.

13.45 – Let’s start our direct with what happened in PL1. Here are the results:

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