Facebook reassures its title leaps

Facebook rassure, son titre bondit

Photo: Fabrice Coffrini Agence France-Presse
Facebook is struggling to gain new users, especially in developed countries, close to saturation.

Glenn Chapman Agence France-Presse and

Julie Charpentrat – Agence France-Presse

in San Francisco

January 31, 2019

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Despite the recessions, Facebook has recorded a year in 2018 better than expected, returning to a sustained growth of its results, and even an increase in the number of users, reassuring at the same time, investors who pushed the company’s Stock price.

In the early evening, the action was more than 8 % in electronic trading after the close of Wall Street.

While investors are concerned about a crisis of growth of Facebook and the impact of crises, to repeat, these rates of growth are higher than in the previous quarter, a sign that the advertisers and the users do not have massively left the network. 2.32 billion, the number of users monthly active is also slightly higher than forecasts. The number of active subscribers daily, meanwhile, heads in line with expectations, to 1.52 billion.

Net income for the fourth quarter of 6.88 billion US$, an increase of 61 %. The quarterly revenue advance payment of 30 % to 16.9 billion. On the whole the year 2018, the net income increases 39% to 22.1 billion and the turnover (55,83 billion, +37 %) is also better than expected.

Facebook is desperately trying to overcome the impact of scandals on repetition, the dissemination of data without the knowledge of users to the under-estimation of the political manipulations on the platform by the Russia during the us presidential election 2016, in passing through the hostile attacks against his critics.

Wednesday, yet, he has been accused by Apple of having violated the terms of use of its applications, with a programme of collection of personal data on the smartphone in exchange for a small monthly remuneration. The specialized site TechCrunch has revealed that Facebook had enlisted a 13-year-olds to better understand their habits. The group has claimed to have acted in full transparency with the volunteers. But Apple has reacted by blocking on iPhone internal applications to Facebook used by employees.

Crisis of growth

As he celebrates 15 years of the beginning of February, the network is at a major turning point in its history : in addition to all of these scandals, which cost him dear in terms of image and force him to spend a lot to monitor the content, Facebook is also facing a crisis of growth. The social network has struggled to gain new users, especially in developed countries, close to saturation. The most young, attracted by other platforms, such as Instagram (owned by Facebook) or Snapchat, are also shifting more and more Facebook, seen as a ” network for parents “. Saturation also on the side of advertising : Facebook prevents from 2016 the growth of its revenue, composed almost entirely by its advertising revenues, would eventually slow down, deceleration is already visible in the quarterly results published in October, both on the sales plan in profitability.

The p.-d. g. Mark Zuckerberg was very clear : in the year 2019 will be another year of investment, but also repositioning to formats of communication is more private (like the “stories” ephemeral), in which the consumers have become more fond of it than the traditional and static ” news feed “. So far, Facebook remains by far the largest social network in the world and remains a colossus in digital advertising. To the extent that it can rely on its other services, which are experiencing a growing success : Instagram, Messenger, or WhatsApp, as it has to be able to pull in advertising revenue, a significant term.

The group will especially have to make one forget the fiasco planetary Cambridge Analytica, which broke out in march 2018. This scandal, as well as the implementation of the european Regulation on personal data protection last may, is on Facebook to be particularly in the crosshairs of regulators.


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