Failed Launching |  Costa Tropical Gazette News

Failed Launching | Costa Tropical Gazette News

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Failed Launching |  Costa Tropical Gazette News

It was a routine Guardia Civil inspection that came across the two suspects – aged 39 and 41, from Badajoz and Valencia, respectively – on the launching ramp in Castell de Ferro.

The launch, typical of the kind used by drug runners to cross the Gibraltar Straits as fast as possible, measured 12 meters in length and packed three powerful, outboard motors

The detentions took place in the early hours of Tuesday; a suspicious time to launch any craft, which attracted the attention of the ever-curious Guardia Civil.

Near the RIB were 200 petrol containers, which is what is needed to keep the thirsty outboards going at full speed and reach the North African coast from the eastern end of the Costa Tropical.

(News: Castell de Ferro, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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