Faith Cecelia confessed why I left a previous fiance

Singer Faith Cecelia admitted that was the reason she left her previous chosen one.

Вера Кекелия призналась, почему ушла от предыдущего жениха

The singer, who is happily married with the artist Roman Duda and which here for the first time will become a mother, was very upset by the breakup. As you know, Faith and Roman met in 2017 at “Golos country”. Duda feelings for the beautiful blonde appeared at once, but Faith spun not once, said in the program “Life of famous people”.

Novel she considered frivolous. Faith and could not think otherwise, because in her soul were still smouldering wounds from a previous relationship. Then, on the stage of “the Voice” Cecelia not just singing, she told a personal story that has melted the hearts of spectators and judges.

Faith all over the country admitted that the man she was going to marry and with whom you wanted to build a family, was addicted to alcohol.

“Of course, I left those relationships. These relations were not long, but in that moment I thought: “Well here it is, Yes, that is my happiness, but hmm. But no.” Here, immediately make a decision, why should I accept that I don’t like and walked away from the relationship,” shared the actress.

On the project “Voice of country”, the two were rivals, but in real life between them was raging feelings. With JUL Faith Cecelia and her husband Roman Duda has shared. About the relationship with each other, family and future plans look right now.

And she never regretted her decision, because a broken heart has led her on “the Voice”, where she met the love of his life.

In the program Faith and the novel was in the team of Sergey Babkin. All around were noticed between them is not just friendship. However, this relationship could never develop into something more, if not for the courage of Faith. After one of the performances of the Novel she told him that she didn’t like his room.

It was after this act of Faith affair he realized that he wanted to be with this woman always.

“I thought she just closed the door and went somewhere something was nasirulla, as is very often the case. And she came and said my opinion. Tried to help me to solve this problem, and I thought that I want to live with this woman the rest of my life”, — said Roman.

Now the couple are waiting for the firstborn. Roman Duda and Faith Cecelia while the sex of the baby is kept secret, but Roman promised that she would attend the birth with the beloved.

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