Family cartoon “little prankster” is going to premiere: story and trailer

Семейный мультфильм "Пушистые проказники" готовится к премьере: сюжет и трейлер

February is rich in Ministers, who were eagerly waiting for connoisseurs of quality cinema. However, the world cinema does not forget about the younger fans. So, already 20 February on the big screen will be released animated film “little prankster”. Children will be delighted with stories about a cheerful hedgehog.

Filmmakers Regina Welker and Nina wells took a wonderful animated story for young movie lovers. Cartoon “little prankster” is going to take guests in the Ukrainian cinemas since 20 Feb

The plot of the cartoon revolves around the indomitable hedgehog named Latte. Emotional and hilarious animal never stays in one place. It is always in motion, exploring every corner of his native forest.

Even those who don’t want to listen to her stories, still do not have time to say a word, to outrun the hedgehog. In every story the heroine of the forest stands fearless and brave, saving the world.

Therefore, when the forest is in trouble, disappeared the magic water stone, Latte gets the perfect chance to prove himself. She is one of the first people of the forest, who agrees to go in search of the stolen values. However, not everything goes according to plan, when partnered hedgehog gives squirrel Munch, with whom she could never find a common language. They have to put a lot of effort to become a real team and to find the stone.

Fluffy pranksters: the trailer on the Ukrainian watch online


Fluffy pranksters: the first trailer for Ukrainian watch online

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