Fans of marijuana called daughters of Sativa and Indica in honor of cannabis varieties

Fans of marijuana called daughters of Sativa and Indica in honor of varieties of cannabis Author: Katerina Moskalets cannabis marijuana news USA USA Любители марихуаны назвали дочерей Сатива и Индика в честь сортов каннабиса

And you love something enough to call it in honor of their children? Some parents decided that it would be a great solution if you both love cannabis.

Unique the children’s names were described on Twitter by Fred Lee, an uncle of the children. Back in October 2018 male from Baltimore wrote on Twitter that his first niece called Sativas in honor of varieties of cannabis. Then his tweet was collected 3700 likes.

But recently he let me know another amazing thing is their family again replenishment.

My brother is happy to announce the birth of their second daughter. And before you ask, Yes, her name just exactly as you think, “wrote Fred.

The full name of the newborn — Indica Akili Jean Queen Grace. Indica is also a kind of cannabis. But even more surprising is the fact that Fred has another nephew who was born at 4:20 is the most popular time for Smoking marijuana.

Lately becoming more popular eco-friendly names for their children based on such plants like ferns and willow. Many people are looking for unique baby names, partly because they want their children to be more recognizable in the future in the age of social media and search engines.

Tweet men have collected more than 6000 likes and was amused by many commentators.

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