Farmers issued an official statement in response to criticism of Joaquin Phoenix

However, it is unlikely that the actor cares about the excuses on the part of those whose actions he believes is fundamentally wrong.

Фермеры выпустили официальное заявление в ответ на критику Хоакина Феникса

In a speech after receiving the “Oscar” in the nomination “Best actor”, the star of “the Joker” Joaquin Phoenix once again turned to problems of global scale, including gender and racial inequality, climate change and animal rights. In particular, the actor mentioned about the exploitation of cows for that soon in the official form responded to the national Federation of milk producers.

Representative Alan Bjerga said:

We live in a free country where everyone has the right to Express their opinion, however we’d like to see Joaquin Phoenix wasn’t talking about us, and with us. If he went that way, he’d be known as dairy farmers are concerned about domestic animals and their welfare. Phoenix is not the first time makes such statements, but this time his words had special resonance, as was said in the ceremony “Oscar”.

Acceptance speech of the Phoenix was adopted by the hall warm applause. The actor thanked his colleagues for the ability to give a second chance, and finally mentioned his late brother river. However, the main message in the speech of Phoenix was precisely the inequality and environmental problems. According to him, humankind lost touch with nature, he imagines himself the center of the world:

Many of us are guilty of self-centeredness. We submit the nature, depleting its resources. It seems to us that we have the right to artificially inseminate the cow, and then to deprive her of her child — despite the fact that the suffering of the animal thus obvious. We also robs the cow of her milk, intended for calves, just to add it to your coffee or Breakfast.

It is worth saying that the Phoenix is a vegan since childhood, completely eliminating from your diet foods of animal origin. Also, the actor has long been involved in activism, strongly attracting public attention to the violation of the rights of animals.

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