Farský could be an external adviser to President Pavel

Farský could be an external adviser to President Pavel

Farsk could be an external adviser to President Pavel

Illustrative photo – Jan Farský before the extraordinary assembly of the STAN movement, July 23, 2022, Hradec Králové.

Prague – Former Member of Parliament Jan Farský (STAN) could be an external adviser to the future president Petr Pavel on internal policy issues. Pavel said this at today's press conference. He ruled out that the former head of the deputies of the Starosts and independents should become the director of the political department of the presidential office. Parish ČTK wrote that both parties are interested in working together, they will still agree on a specific form.

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Farský confirmed two weeks ago that he was planning a meeting with Pavlo, according to the Seznam Zprávy server, the president-elect approached him about the position of adviser on domestic policy issues. When asked today, Pavel denied that he would negotiate with Farský because of the position of head of the union. “I did not deal directly with Mr. Farský, we talked more about him being an external advisor for internal policy issues,” he said.

Farský told CTK that at the moment there is a mutual interest in cooperation. “We will agree on a specific regime and method that will be the best for both parties at a personal meeting, we have not set a date yet,” he said.

Future Chancellor Jana Vohralíková told the server 14 days ago that she would The castle wanted to restore the political union. Pavel said today that it should soon be clear about the management of this department. “You will find out in a short time who I will count on for this position,” he said.

Farský is the vice-chairman of the government movement STAN, he gave up his parliamentary mandate last February. After a challenge from the leadership of the Starosts, he responded to criticism of his six-month internship in the United States, which he originally wanted to complete at the same time as his parliamentary duties. He has been a Member of Parliament since 2010, and was mayor of Semil for eight years.