FBI: hackers stole from Americans in 2019 $ 3.5 billion

ФБР: хакеры украли у американцев в 2019 году 3,5 миллиарда долларов

The amount of profit the cyber criminals in 2019 reached 3.5 billion dollars, according to the FBI.

The offenses are similar, but the methods become more sophisticated. During the year agents of the Bureau were received 467 361 complaints from individuals and businesses to the activities of hackers, and since the establishment of a special unit to combat cybercrime in 2000, there were almost 5 million cases of burglary.

Phishing and extortion remain the most popular methods of online fraud. People is becoming more difficult to distinguish deception. Only 13 thousand of them being veiled under a letter of technical support Scammers are calling people and saying that there is a problem with his computer, which requires an immediate solution. So they get access and can steal data or money.

The vast majority of victims of hackers – Americans older than 60 years.

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