Federal election 2021: results in the Essen II constituency

Federal election 2021: results in the Essen II constituency

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Federal election 2021: results in the Essen II constituency

Updated: 09/27/202100:07

What is the result of the 2021 federal election in the Essen II constituency? How did the individual parishes vote? You can find the numbers here.

North Rhine-Westphalia – The constituency of Essen II will be number 119 in the federal election in 2021. It is one of a total of 64 constituencies in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. The area of ​​the constituency has remained unchanged since the previous election. Merkur.de shows you the results for the entire constituency as well as for individual cities and municipalities. With our brand new Politics-Newsletter you will always stay up to date in the final spurt towards the federal election.

Direct candidates and parties for the 2021 federal election

On the ballot paper in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, voters have the choice of 27 state lists of the parties with their second vote. In 2021, 11 direct candidates will run for the federal election in the Essen II constituency. With the first vote, voters can vote for the following people:

  • Florian Fuchs (CDU)
  • Dirk Heidenblut (SPD)
  • Martin Hollinger (FDP)
  • Andrea Pousset (AfD)
  • Christine Müller-Hechfellner (GREEN)
  • Jules El-Khatib (THE LEFT)
  • Christian Gröll (The PARTY)
  • Wilfried Adamy (FREE VOTERS)
  • Gabriele Fechtner (MLPD)
  • Siw Mammitzsch (DKP)
  • Frank Solga (the base)

Results in the Essen II constituency as an interactive map

You can find more data and figures from the 2021 federal election on our interactive map with all the results for constituencies and municipalities.

Local results in the 2017 federal election

In the last general election, eight candidates were admitted to the Essen II constituency. Dirk Heidenblut won the direct mandate from the SPD with 37.33% of the vote. The opposing candidates were: Jutta Eckenbach (CDU, 26.58%), Guido Thorsten Reil (AfD, 15.77%), Daniel Kerekes (DIE LINKE, 7.87%), Thomas Wilhelm Friedrich Spilker (FDP, 6.63%) ), Gönül Eglence (GREEN, 5.38%), Horst Dotten (MLPD, 0.24%), Peter Köster (DKP, 0.21%).

The parties got the following results in the last federal election with the second vote in the area of ​​the constituency:

  • CDU: 23.45%
  • SPD: 31.80%
  • GREEN: 6.18%
  • DIE LINKE: 8.72%
  • FDP: 9.69%
  • AfD: 14.96%
  • PIRATES: 0.53%
  • NPD: 0.35%
  • The PARTY: 1.12%
  • FREE VOTERS: 0.22%
  • Referendum: 0.12%
  • ÖDP: 0.08%
  • MLPD: 0.17%
  • SGP: 0.01%
  • ADD: 0.86%
  • UI: 0.10%
  • DiB: 0.16%
  • DKP: 0.08%
  • DM: 0.12%
  • The humanists: 0.07%
  • Health research: 0.12%
  • Animal Welfare Party: 1.00%
  • V-Party³: 0.11

What will be part of the Essen II constituency in the 2021 federal election?

Around 246,600 people live in the Essen II constituency. In the Bundestag election, the constituencies include the districts I, V, VI, VII of the independent city of Essen.

Other constituencies in the region

The constituencies are directly adjacent to the Essen II constituency (119):

  • Muelheim – Essen I (118)
  • Dining III (120)
  • Gelsenkirchen (123)
  • Bochum I (140)
  • Bottrop to Recklinghausen III (125)

All results of the federal election 2021

On Merkur.de you will find a detailed overview of all the results of the federal election 2021 with profits, losses and the new distribution of seats in parliament. We also offer you all available data on the counting status on election day at the level of the constituencies, cities and municipalities.