Fedez: “Renzi champion of rights? After Saudi Arabia he could redeem himself by voting for the Zan bill”

Fedez: “Renzi champion of rights? After Saudi Arabia he could redeem himself by voting for the Zan bill”

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Fedez: “Renzi champion of rights? After Saudi Arabia he could redeem himself by voting for the Zan bill”

Bill Zan: Fedez live with the deputy of the Democratic Party, Marco Cappato and Pippo Civati

“I do a introductory hat. I just finished reading a article fantastic of the journalist Stefano Felts, which turned on a spotlight on the fact that my wife and I, with our millions of followers, would have to be regulated. I find that absurd Berlusconi can be an entrepreneur and a politician and my wife and I cannot. We are citizens, we enter the public debate. De Benedetti, Briatore, Montezemolo they can be entrepreneurs and have their say, Fedez and Ferragni cannot ”. After yesterday’s skirmishes between Matteo Renzi and the Ferragnez, Fedez continues his battle forapproval of the Zan Ddl, which will be submitted to the vote of the Senate on July 13, and conducts a direct Instagram with the deputy of the Pd Alessandro Zan, Marco Cappato and Giuseppe Civati. In the live there is also talk of euthanasia, an issue on which the rapper spent his time, and on the referendum that Cappato is promoting.

“Everyone can have their say and also Fedez and Chiara Ferragni. Today I offer my platform to make my contribution with civic awareness as a citizen. I will continue to do what I believe in. Today I invited Alessandro Zan, creator of the law, and Marco Cappato and Giuseppe Civati ​​who are people who do politics outside the building ”, says Fedez at the opening of the live broadcast.

The first speech is that of the deputy of the Democratic Party Alessandro Zan: “The law in the Chamber followed a iter lasted a year to whom Italy alive he made an important contribution, we built a synthesis that collected the various proposals ”, explains Zan, reconstructing the process of the law.

Fedez asks the deputy to better explain the position of Matteo Renzi: “Renzi’s thesis is that the law thus does not pass and if we fail to build one mediation with the League the law does not pass, but it wasn’t a walk in the House and it won’t be in the Senate. But if instead of saying that it doesn’t pass, we say we want to defend this law because we have made it and we believe in it. Renzi, on the other hand, wants to bring the League in the government to mediation, but this is a law of popular initiative, which is approved across the board ”, replies Zan.

Fedez: “How can you think of mediating with a force that is with Orban, thinks women are better suited for care, I’d throw my son in the oven if he were gay. I find it paradoxical to mediate with them “. Zan: “Exactly, besides the League has presented a mediation proposal that takes away gender identity. We all have a gender identity, the perception of our gender, but someone already as a child perceives it different from the biological one. It is a human right ”.

And Fedez: “I wonder why still mediate on a bill that is already a mediation. I take responsibility for what I say: there is a intrinsic protagonism of Renzi, which means “I arrived, Napoleon ”. There is mania to put the hat on this law. Renzi is a politician with centralizing manias. He doesn’t care about the law, he wants to wear a pennant“. Zan: “Here we think that to bring her home you can do all the mediations”. Fedez: “Me I think it all went upside down“. Zan. “Renzi deserves credit for civil unions, but here it is different ”.

Marco is also connected in the live broadcast Cappato: “Thanks for the invite. The principle could in theory make sense if we were talking about civil unions or living wills. In politics, compromise is not a dirty thing, but here is the compromise that is drawn he wants to throw away the educational part. The issue of gender identity is indispensable: how I feel I decide. Renzi’s reasoning is that of politics, but on the merits it is a compromise that throws away the part of education and prevention that is what he did intervene the Vatican it obviously becomes wrong. The heart of formation and education must be saved. Salvini was explicit, when it comes to raising penalties we are all in agreement, but this is not the point. We want to intervene on prevention not to indoctrinate but to educate to freedom and tolerance“. Zan specifies: “The votes are there, we must focus on the merits. Parliament is the place of mediation, but this it must be a law that protects all people. We find another form of mediation, that of Lega is a trap“. Fedez: “Marco Capato is a citizen who makes himself a c… like this. From today until September 30 he has time to collect signatures for the end of his life, but to do so he has to hold banquets with a public official who certifies the signature. But if you go to the registry office and ask for the form, you can do it and I’ll show it in the next few days ”.

It intervenes Civati: “They’ve been insulting me all day because I’m for freedom of expression.I don’t understand why citizens cannot participate in the public debate. In Italy it is hard to talk about politics in politics trans because you can’t tell. It is a cultural question of a country that always chooses fear. It is very wrong to take those things out of the law ”. Fedez: “I offer my platform to speak, I have a political conscience and if someone thinks that I do it for interest sti c … ..: Television is not the custodian of the exclusivity to talk about politics. But tell me about Renzi thought ”, Fedez asks Civati.

Civati ​​replies: “I think it is trivial, that the position of Scalfarotto and other parliamentarians of IV was the same as ours until recently, Renzi’s gaze is on his positioning, on his flirting with the right, he constantly talks about Quirinale“. Fedez: “In your opinion, as it is, would Iv vote for it or not? Why the secret ballot? I as a citizen, I as a communist Federico with a Rolex, I want to know what they voted for … “And then Fedez sinks:”How much has the Vatican intervention influenced?“. Civati ​​replies: “A lot. but this law should be a good thing for everyone ”. Zan thanks Fedez for the mobilization and commitment. And Civati ​​concludes on the self-determination of people. Fedez closes: “A politician wanted to change the cards on the table, I send a message to Renzi’s ego who wants to boast of being a champion of rights would succeed by making his party pro ddl Zan after Saudi Arabia, it could redeem itself“.

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