Ferrari, 8 wins and 24 podiums in the Netherlands |

Ferrari, 8 wins and 24 podiums in the Netherlands |

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Ferrari, 8 wins and 24 podiums in the Netherlands |

The Formula 1 world championship continues with the second hat-trick of the season moving north about 300 km from the rainy Spa-Francorchamps until it reaches Zandvoort, the track overlooking the North Sea, in the Netherlands, which brings the Grand Holland Prize 36 years after the last edition (1985). Despite this long fast with Formula 1, most of the drivers of the 2021 grid have already competed in the circuit (one of those with the greatest tradition in the world of motorsport) when they were engaged in the minor categories.

Famous curves. Built practically on the beach, Zandvoort is 4,259 meters long, and has the added pitfall of the wind, which often raises a lot of sand. The track is characterized by marked variations in altitude and has several sections that are well known to enthusiasts. The Tarzan curve (Tarzanbocht in the local language) is certainly to be remembered, a sharp right-hand bend at the end of the starting straight characterized by a slight elevation and made famous by an extraordinary overtaking on the outside scored by Gilles Villeneuve against Alan Jones in the 1979 race. Other classic corners are the Rob Slotemakerbocht and the fast, blind right-hander called Scheivlak.

Cant. For the return to the calendar, the circuit has been modified and made more spectacular in two points: turn 3 and 14, the last, now both elevated up to 19 degrees of inclination, a feature that should allow the riders to tackle them at a much higher speed. Nonetheless, the narrow track and winding design do not facilitate overtaking and require medium downforce. The qualification will therefore be fundamental. For the return of Zandvoort to the calendar, a high grip asphalt was also developed by Shell – Innovation Partner of Scuderia Ferrari – which for its excellent performance was immediately nicknamed “Flying Dutchman”, as is used in these parts to call every particularly brilliant driver. There are two DRS zones, between turns 10 and 11 and on the main straight.

Program. The cars will take to the track on Friday at 11.30 local time for the first hour of free practice, and at 15 for the second. The last free practice session is scheduled for Saturday at 12 pm in preparation for qualifying at 3 pm. The 31st Dutch Grand Prix valid for the Formula 1 World Championship will start on Sunday at the same time.

Ferrari Stats Dutch GP

GP disputed: 29
Debut: 1952 (A. Ascari 1st; G. Farina 2nd; L. Villoresi 3rd; C. De Tornaco rit.)
Victories: 8 (27.59%)
Pole position: 7 (24.14%)
Faster laps: 10 (34.48%)
Total podiums: 24 (27.59%)

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