Ferrari, even cars |

Ferrari, even cars |

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Ferrari, even cars |

Ferrari: only cars, not only cars and… even cars. These are the three steps that have led the Maranello house towards a future in which the “little horse” will be free to escape from the narrow enclosure of the “four wheels” to gallop in the rich marketing prairies. A territory in which the image prevails over those contents, which are increasingly expensive to create, the values ​​of which are now derecognised in bad debts. Forced as they are, in the “prison” of a performance etiquette that does not include speed.

The alliance of Exor and Ferrari with LoveFrom goes in this direction. Much more than a simple diversification in the wake of those Ferrari Stores of the “I can but I don’t want” that decreed the bankruptcy. The American company, in fact, includes that Jony Ive who was at the head of the design of Apple and to whom we owe theiPhone. And that on the path of Steve Jobs he understood that there is no functionality that can do without a form capable of multiplying its image to the point of making it emotionally indispensable.

A turning point that can irritate fans but obliged to look carefully. Because in the field of supercars the only way to counter the exponential growth of production costs is to increase sales. But diffusion, however limited, clashes with the exclusivity that is the basis of the very concept of luxury. A snake eating its tail.

It is no coincidence that the exponential growth of the electric car is the result, at least for now, of the forced exclusivity that derives from the difficulty of management. The only solution is to move from the gratification of the few to that of the many. And for this very reason, anyone who fears that this drift is a danger for the Ferrari that we have known so far is off track. The Ferrari Stores have oversimplified the theme by opening the range of the offer beyond measure. On display is a component of a racing Ferrari worth tens of thousands of euros and cheap “T-shirts” on the counters. Opening a chasm to which the potential customer has been careful not to approach. Yet the concept had its substance. The Ferrari brand, its commitment to competitions has generated a precious emotional capital. I therefore do not believe that Formula 1 can suffer from these “distractions” but on the contrary become even more strategic. And its competitiveness will become even more decisive. Because a Ferrari defeated on the field does not have negative effects on the sales of Ferrari cars but it would be catastrophic for a brand that wants to be competitive in the upper floors of all product sectors.

FP | Mauro Coppini