Ferrari, what a tiger: his free body is the final one

Ferrari, what a tiger: his free body is the final one

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Ferrari, what a tiger: his free body is the final one

Vanessa in the early morning, on the notes of Bocelli deserves 14,166, a prestigious score. Now the wait for the other rotations: “More than this I could not have done”

Vanessa Ferrari is there: she has the best free body score in the first subdivision of the qualification of women’s art. Only in a few hours, when all five planned groups will be completed, will it be known if the Brescia player will have access among the eight who will participate in the specialty final on Monday 2 August. But the premises – also thanks to a score of 14,166 which has a precise meaning early in the morning – are all there. The promotion, for the girl from Orzinuovi, at thirty and at the fourth Olympics of her career after an infinity of serious physical problems, would already be a success. Clearly, after the bitter fourth places in London 2012 and Rio 2016, the dream is even more ambitious. But in the meantime Vanessa is there: and it’s great news.


There is you and there is Italy, well vying for promotion among the eight who will participate in the team final on Tuesday. And there are also Alice D’Amato and one step below Martina Maggio who, with totals of 54,199 and 53,566, can aspire to the all-around final at 24. Asia D’Amato pays a free body fall, but gives an important contribution at times, asymmetrical parallels and beam, while Lara Mori, present as a singularist (good for the free body, less for the beam) ends here regardless of her five-circle experience. The incitements of one blue to another during the exercises, confirming the compactness of the group, in the silence of the Ariake Center, are echoed with a roar. And the overall performance partially mitigated the disappointment for the results of Marco Lodadio (first reserve for the rings) and Ludovico Edalli (second in the general competition) on Saturday.


Miss Ferrari gets 14,200 in vaulting, renounces parallels as expected (her companions do well and her contribution is not necessary) and, without offering great technical content, she deserves 12,500 on the beam. Then, to the tune of “Con te partirò” interpreted by Andrea Bocelli, he goes wild with the free body where, with his usual determination, he is almost perfect. “At the vault I made a good jump, not precise on arrival also because I tried to keep my feet on the hard – explains the pupil of Enrico Casella – in this sense I am also happy that my companions have avoided the parallels and the beam, considering that I was only in the fourth race in five years, that’s okay. Then my free body: I ​​did everything I wanted and could. The finishes, the artistic jumps, the lap: more than that … score is good, considering also that we were in the first rotation. In the last round of the World Cup, in Doha, I took a tenth and a half more, but the jury was different. I think the final is worth it. It shouldn’t, I have nothing to reproach myself. At the end, with all the problems I had, I also got excited, I’m happy “.


Bocelli’s music, used for the first time, brought her good. “With these notes I can also express myself with my face – he explains – acrobatics, the artistic part, interpretation and choreography are of a high level. If I enter the final I will also be able to consider adding some further elements of difficulty. After two fourth places, I am rather mistaken and I finish eighth “. Casella, however, does not seem so much of the opinion … Meanwhile, a possible good luck charm: Vanessa has the bib n. 353, very similar to the 363 with which fifteen years ago, in Aarhus, he won the World Cup. Could it be a sign of fate?

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