Fiala respects that Pavel will speak about the reduction of valorization only after the inauguration

Fiala respects that Pavel will only speak about the valorization of women after the inauguration

Prime Minister Petr Fiala talks to journalists after meeting with President-elect Petr Pavlo, February 28, 2023, Prague.

Prague – Prime Minister Petr Fiala (ODS) respects that President Petr Pavel will only speak about reducing the extraordinary valuation of pensions after his inauguration, i.e. after March 9. Fiala stated this after today's meeting with the incoming head of state.

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“We are convinced that it is necessary to adjust the June valuation,” said the prime minister. According to him, even after the reduced valuation, the average pension will reach 20,000 crowns and its ratio to the gross salary will rise above 50 percent. He also mentioned intergenerational solidarity. Deputies started discussing the controversial proposal today, while the opposition wants to drag out the negotiations as much as possible. The Senate should approve the norm on March 8.

“We talked about it and discussed the arguments, analyzed the situation. It is valid that the president will comment on this only after his inauguration, which I respect,” summed up Fiala . Representatives of the opposition also discussed pensions with Pavlo last week. According to ex-Minister of Finance Alena Schillerová, the ANO movement is offering a coalition debate on changing the valuation calculation as of January 1. Today, like SPD leader Tomio Okamura, she confirmed that the opposition will delay the debate in the House of Representatives on the current proposal.

According to the amendment, the average monthly pension will increase by 760 crowns from June instead of the expected 1,770 crowns. According to the explanatory report, the state will save 19.4 billion crowns this year and 33 billion crowns next year.

Pavel told journalists on Monday that after meeting with representatives of the government and the opposition, he discussed the proposal with a number of experts. He is going to follow the legislative process closely, he does not want to interfere in it. As a citizen, he has doubts about some aspects of the amendment, which are also pointed out by experts.