Fiala: Russia has crossed the limits of humanity, and that is why Ukraine must win

Fiala: Russia has crossed the limits of humanity, and that is why Ukraine must win

Fiala: Russia crossed the limits of humanity, that's why Ukraine must win< /p> Illustration photo – Prime Minister Petr Fiala (ODS) gave an interview to the editors of the Czech Press Agency (ČTK), 10. January 2023, Prague.

Prague – Russia has crossed all limits of humanity in Ukraine, and that is why Ukraine must win, Prime Minister Petr Fiala (ODS) said in a video about the year of the war. He posted it on twitter this evening. He assured Ukraine of support from the Czech Republic. The Russian army invaded Ukraine a year ago on the night of February 24, the war continues to this day.

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The twenty-fourth of February 2022, according to Fiala, changed Europe. “Russia attacked Ukraine and started a war in which it exceeded all limits of humanity. Bucha, Mariupol, Kramatorsk and hundreds of other places have become symbols of the struggle between civilization and barbarism. This is also why Ukraine must win,” the prime minister said in a video with Ukrainian subtitles . He mentioned places where hundreds and thousands of civilians, including children, became victims of Russian aggression.

It is admirable that Ukraine has resisted Russian pressure for a whole year, Fiala addressed Ukrainians in the video. “I want to assure you that you have friends in the Czech Republic who will always help you,” he added.

Last year on March 15, together with the Prime Ministers of Poland and Slovenia, Fiala arrived in Kyiv, which was still being fought for, as the first of the European politicians after the start of the invasion. This Wednesday, after the meeting in Warsaw, the Prime Minister announced that the Czech government's military aid to Ukraine since the beginning of the Russian attack amounts to ten billion CZK. The Czech Republic hosts the highest number of Ukrainian war refugees per capita.