Fibromyalgia, patients: ” The pandemic has aggravated a sense of frustration ”

Fibromyalgia, patients: ” The pandemic has aggravated a sense of frustration ”

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Fibromyalgia, patients: ” The pandemic has aggravated a sense of frustration ”

“A silent and invisible pain that gives no respite”: this is how those suffering from fibromyalgia describe their daily suffering. To date, there is no definitive cure for these chronic rheumatic patients: so, in an attempt to relieve pain, they sometimes risk coming across “miraculous” remedies advertised on social media but without scientific value.

“The pain of these people is not understood – confirmation Antonella Celano, president of the National Association of People with Rare Rheumatological Diseases (APMARR) – neither by general practitioners nor by families. So there are those who seek help and answers online, relying on phantom healers, self-styled specialists who offer expensive but never decisive treatments. IS the pandemic has exacerbated patients’ feelings of frustration. Not seeing your doctor, not talking about the malaise that accompanies the days and nights, not being able to interface with those who know the problem and understand its psychological dynamics, made many of them feel inside an invisible cage “.

In a time of emergency like this, people with chronic diseases are more vulnerable, both for difficulties in home care and for access to treatment. For all of them associations are fundamental, for many they represent the only point of reference. “The main requests of fibromyalgia patients – explains Celano – they concern information on specialists and centers of the National Health Service, which can also be reached in this particular historical moment, without having to go to private offices or specialists. They ask for advice and suggestions on the management of the most serious symptoms and reassurance in the event of the appearance of new symptoms or a worsening of those already present ”. Questions such as “will I get well?”, Or “is there a cure?”, Or “why is the disease not recognized?” or “why can’t I be disabled?” are more and more frequent. But these patients “mostly complain of not being understood by their GP – Celano again – and of feeling treated like” crazy “. The chronic pain is there but it is not seen, however it impacts on the loss of work, on interpersonal relationships and on the family sphere “.

“Fibromyalgia patients contact us – he reports Silvia Tonolo, president of the National Association of Rheumatic Patients (Anmar) – because they have felt alone and abandoned for a long time. At the start of the pandemic, they witnessed the closure of clinics and hospitals, the postponement of visits and treatment plans. Furthermore, there are no drugs for rheumatic patients because they are used for Covid patients. They feel misunderstood and the lack of doctor-patient relationship, also fundamental from a psychological point of view, has increased their sense of frustration ”.

Vaccination, after the fear of Covid, is just yet another concern. “Many patients – Tonolo recalls – call our toll-free number 800 608 519 every day to get answers: they ask us if, how and when they will be contacted, if they should go to the general practitioner and / or stop treatment before undergoing vaccination , if they will be able to go back to work after vaccination, if the risk of adverse reactions is worse than that of contracting the virus. The confusion created by the differences between the Regions on vaccination priorities reigns supreme. Not to mention the too much information, often contradictory, that comes to us from newspapers and TV. For this reason, together with the coordination of associations of patients with rheumatological, immunological and rare diseases, we have repeatedly urged the Minister of Health, the extraordinary commissioner for the Covid-19 emergency and the president of the State-Regions Conference. We ask the institutions to consider these patients vulnerable, fragile, forced to take important drugs (immunosuppressive and biological) and therefore in need of priority. Fibromyalgia Syndrome does not have a national exemption code within Lea (Essential Levels of Care), so it is up to the specialist to decide which patients he deems vulnerable should be vaccinated first “.

“Even before the pandemic, people with fibromyalgia – underlines Celano – were living in their lockdown, due to the disease. Having to postpone a medical visit is a cause for stress and stress is a trigger of the disease. Whoever contacts us is as if looking for an outstretched arm to cling to. The digital medium comes to the rescue but does not always manage to dilute the desolation ”.