FIFA 22 shows its first in-game trailer

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FIFA 22 shows its first in-game trailer

After revealing the cover of the game a few days ago, FIFA 22 shows its first in-game trailer with many of the improvements that EA wants to introduce in the franchise this year. FIFA 22 will be released on October 1, and will reach both the past and current generation. So whether you’ve made the leap to the next generation or not, EA will not stop supporting those who still have older hardware. However, if you have an Xbox Series X, FIFA 22 looks set to take advantage of it. many of the new generation technologies.

EA has said that this year’s installment will feature the HyperMotion technology, which makes the movements and actions in the game more realistic than ever. EA wanted to inform and surprise players and fans now that FIFA 22 shows its first trailer.

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FIFA 22 shows its first trailer

The numerous Game modes seen in FIFA 21 will also return in 22. EA has confirmed that Career Mode, Volta, Professional Clubs, and of course FIFA Ultimate Team will return in this edition. It has also been said that FIFA 22 will include adjustments to the goalkeeping system and a new “create a club experience” within Career mode. About HyperMotion, EA has said that this technology has made it possible to integrate the first motion capture of 22 professional footballers playing at high intensity

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It will also feature EA’s proprietary machine learning algorithm learns from over 8.7 million frames of advanced game capture, and then write new animations in real time to create a soccer movement allowing the possibility of learning and renewal in the game. So yes, FIFA 22 shows its first trailer, and this means that very soon we will be enjoying the game.