Financial institution wants to get rid of Britney Spears co-curatorship |  show

Financial institution wants to get rid of Britney Spears co-curatorship | show

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Financial institution wants to get rid of Britney Spears co-curatorship |  show

The financial institution that also oversees Britney Spears’ properties has filed a petition with a Los Angeles judge to stop the trusteeship. Bessemer Trust – together with the father of Spears co-curator – has decided to do so after the emotional story that the American singer did in court last week.

In her speech, 39-year-old Spears said that he was dissatisfied with the legal construction surrounding her supervision order. Since 2008, she has been under the supervision of her father Jamie Spears due to a mental breakdown, but according to the singer, he abuses it. She said she feels like a “slave” to her father.

Recently, Bessemer Trust has been appointed by the judge to act alongside Jamie Spears as a co-curator to manage the singer’s wealth, which is estimated at about 60 million dollars. But due to “changed circumstances”, the financial company now wants to get rid of that, the judge has said. Partly because Britney Spears made it clear last week that there is “irreparable damage to her interests,” according to Bessemer Trust.

In the court documents, the asset manager says that it entered into the agreement to share the trusteeship duties with Jamie under the assumption that Britney’s trusteeship was voluntary. “As a result of her testimony on June 23, Bessemer Trust has become aware that it objects to the continuation of the trusteeship and wishes to end the oversight. We have heard her and respect her wish.”

On Wednesday, a judge ruled that the construction of the shared curatorship remains in place. That court decision was separate from the singer’s emotional testimony last week, but was a ruling on Spears’ request in November to place full trusteeship at the Bessemer Trust at the expense of her father.

Despite that formal court approval, the company says the paperwork was not yet in order and as a result was not authorized to assume management. The financial management firm has not yet had access to Spears’ assets, nor has it received compensation for its services. The next hearing in the case is on July 14.

There has been a lot of fuss about Spears’s guardianship order. Fans of the singer are calling attention to her case under the hashtag #FreeBritney.

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