Fire Department not allowed in the capital’s Central Department store (VIDEO)

Пожарную инспекцию не пустили в столичный ЦУМ (ВИДЕО)

February 13, a fire inspection was not allowed in the capital’s Central Department store (TSUM) for an unscheduled inspection. Employees of Public service on emergency situations (SSES) in TSUM is not allowed due to the lack of on-site management and authorized persons. This is the third attempt of rescuers to get to cum, and again she was not successful.

About the same KV it became known from the message edition of “the Informant”.

It is reported that such inspections are unscheduled, so the rescuers are not required to warn about them representatives of the SEC. The employees of gschs still notified in advance Cum guide on the audit in February, but the leadership in place still can not appeared. Instead, the rescuers came the chief engineer and the chief of security. They reported that the head of the meeting, so contact him by phone and know when it will be in place, is not possible. They also stated that the authorized persons either, but because the test will not take place.

The security chief said that fire safety in malls all normal, spare inputs and outputs are always open, has the most advanced fire alarm and everyone – both on the floors and on the Parking – there is access to fire hoses and extinguishers.

To prove this, the man reported that on February 11 in the Parking lot of the Mall car caught fire, but literally two minutes the fire was completely liquidated by the employees of the Central Department store and the owner of the car. They managed to do it on their own before arrival of employees of gschs thanks to the equipment of the shopping center. The fire was local and no one, fortunately, was not injured.

Note that the rescuers left their contacts to representatives of the SEC, their leadership contacted the employees of gschs and the inspection took place. This must occur before February 19. Otherwise, firefighters will be forced to go to court. It is also known that it already the third attempt of rescuers to get to cum and again she was not successful.

Rescuers not allowed to cum check fire safety

Published Informer Kiev Thursday, February 13, 2020

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