Fire in Pemex submarine pipeline shows risks of fossil model

Fire in Pemex submarine pipeline shows risks of fossil model

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Fire in Pemex submarine pipeline shows risks of fossil model

Yeshua Ordaz and Redacción

Mexico City / 02.07.2021 17:11:15

The accident that occurred in the Campeche Sound, about 400 meters from the Ku-Charly oil production platform, demonstrates the serious risks involved both for the environment, as for the safety of people, the fossil fuel model in Mexico, said Greenpeace.

Although Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex) reported that the incident is under control, identified as an “eye of fire” in the middle of the sea and where there were no injured people, It is clear the risk that oil facilities and their poor maintenance, they imply for the environment and for the safety of the people, pointed out the NGO.

“The accident that occurred about 400 meters from the platform was due, according to available information, to the fact that a valve of a submarine line at a depth of 78 meters, burst, which generated the explosion and the fire. As part of fossil fuel extractivist modelThese are the risks that we face on a daily basis and that call for a change in the energy model, as we have demanded from Greenpeace, said Gustavo Ampugnani, Executive Director of Greenpeace Mexico.

He explained that this accident that occurred in the circuit belonging to the Pemex asset Ku Maloob Zaap, is a clear example that the energy production model based on fossil fuels is inoperative and poses serious risks to the environment, because after controlling the fire, It will be necessary to see of what dimensions was the affectation to the surrounding marine ecosystem.

Greenpeace Mexico recalled that according to information from Pemex, 63 thousand barrels of crude oil and up to 288 million cubic feet of gas are produced in this complex, which represents “as has already been demonstrated, an extreme risk for accidents”.

“Although, fortunately, there are no reported injuries or deaths to regret, it is a fact that oil installations anywhere in the world involve risks of serious accidents with large-scale environmental consequences, as in this case, “he said.

The national oil company has faced serious maintenance problems due to lack of investment and each day that passes without proper maintenance, the risk of accidents of this type increases, he added.

Greenpeace Mexico called to change the fossil model for one where renewable energies are the basis for generating the energy that the country needs and that do not imply risks to the environment, although care must always be taken that the human rights of the communities are respected and the rights to a healthy environment and health are guaranteed for all people.