First became known how much profit collects Youtube

Впервые стало известно, сколько прибыли собирает Youtube

How much money earns a YouTube? First time in history, a published report about the profitability of the site.

The parent company Alphabet, which also owns Google, for the first time released data on the profitability of the video site. It turned out that Youtube advertising for 2019 has received a 15 billion dollars.

The sale of advertising on YouTube has increased by 36% in 2018 and 86% in 2017. “To get a better understanding about our business and future opportunities, we disclose the revenues in more detail, including search, advertising and profitability of YouTube,” said Monday Alphabe financial officer Ruth Porat (Ruth Porat). The data on revenue of the site is directed primarily at cooperation with old and new investors.

Google still brings 60% of total sales Alphabet.

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