First call – love hint: How to lure the senses February 14

Valentine’s day helps to determine the traits chosen.

Первый звонок – любви намёк: Как приманить чувства 14 февраля

14 February in the Orthodox Church is the day of memory of Martyr Trifonov, Trifonov day. Our ancestors believed that on this day you can ask Fate to send a sign of the future spouse. This is due to the fact that February is wedding month, and the energy of love is initially higher. And Tryphon gained fame from the Moscow miracle, as I helped the Falconer to find the bird of the Emperor. Therefore, the strength of this search is high.

Future happiness also announces itself in advance. For example, the first call – love hint. If called the first favorite of the whole year to be with him in close relationship. But most will take treats out of the house. If you forget something when leaving, guaranteed good news from halves or a chance at finding her. By the way, on this day, changing the ancient superstition about a broken mirror–, on 14 February it can lure the senses and contribute to a long and happy family life. However, look into it still need works and this sign only in casual situations. And don’t forget about your own safety.

Coming out of the house, you can meet the birds. Their number and will prompt future traits of the partner. Titmouse – windy and a young guy, magpies, chatty and windy, crows – strict mate. You can pay attention to the road: meeting women with children promises the imminent addition to the family or finding halves. And the more children, the more happiness, because children – flowers of life. However, late in the day is not necessary – because love will be offended and too late. And if along the way people tripped, he needs three times stomp your left foot on unrequited love or breakup will not be able to find the way and the relationship will continue.

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