Fish tremble in fear, and the Archers will hit the jackpot. What to look out for signs at the end of the week — astrologer

A number of events finds Zodiacs by surprise.

Рыбы дрожат в страхе, а Стрельцы сорвут куш. Чего опасаться знакам в конце недели — астролог

Every day, people face different situations that can play into their hands, or, conversely, to bring them out. Pisces and Sagittarius fell sector prize at the reel to miss them this weekend just do not have. The astrologers advised the Fish patience, and Sagittarius a little less happy. What exactly to fear the signs in the end of the week, was told by the astrologer.

The brightest constellations this week became Pisces and Sagittarians. Last week managed to surprise and please, and the weekend continue to replenish their stock of emotions. The astrologer says: “Fish tremble in fear.” The secrets of this sign begin to emerge to the surface, and all the secrets there is no more reason to hide. Fish should be careful and watch what and who they tell. The astrologer warns: there is a chance that they will be caught red-handed.

But the archers were more fortunate — they will break your long awaited jackpot. All the secret desires will become real and allow the zodiac to fulfill his cherished dreams. But to tell everyone about it still not worth it, otherwise signs risk being left with nothing. The astrologer advises archers to take will in a fist and silently enjoy the victory, instead of telling all the others about how lucky they are.

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