Flávio Bolsonaro reads a report by Poder360 about Renan, who rebuts: “I make mistakes”

Flávio Bolsonaro reads a report by Poder360 about Renan, who rebuts: “I make mistakes”

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Flávio Bolsonaro reads a report by Poder360 about Renan, who rebuts: “I make mistakes”

the senator Flavio Bolsonaro (Patriota-RJ) and the rapporteur of the CPI (Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry) of Covid in the Senate, Renan Calheiros (MDB-AL), staged another fight in the collegiate session this Wednesday (14.Jun.2021).

The discussion began when the president’s son Jair Bolsonaro (no party) read aloud the headline of the power360 about the investigation by the Federal Police into a possible connection between the owner of Necessidade Medication, Francisco Emerson Maximiano, and an alleged operator of the emedebist, Milton Lyra. See the video:

Then, Flávio claimed that the CPI rapporteur had a sort of secret office in his Brasília residence dedicated to pursuing him. “It is already public knowledge, the press has already stated that you would have a bunker in your house with a scheme of people who are close to me, to see if you find anything against me, including already requesting the breach of confidentiality of these people, who were never mentioned here in this CPI.

He also asked Renan about interview to the portal metropolises in which the emedebista stated that the CPI is investigating the possible involvement of Flávio Bolsonaro with alleged irregularities in the negotiation of Covaxin between Need Medicines and the Ministry of Health.

Please miss me, understand? And respond to the charges that weigh on you”, replied Renan. The CPI rapporteur denied irregularities in the case investigated by the PF regarding Milton Lyra: “I never had an operator in my life. My life has always been transparent, absolutely transparent. They never accused me of having an operator.”

Renan also teased: “Senator Flávio Bolsonaro is accused of having an operator. When he addresses me, I think he is addressing the wrong person; I think he must be directing Queiroz… Adriano da Nóbrega.”

The senator referred to investigations into an alleged scheme to embezzle the salaries of employees in Flávio Bolsonaro’s office when he was a deputy of Alerj (Legislative Assembly of the State of Rio de Janeiro). The Public Ministry, which filed a complaint against the president’s son, appoints his former advisor, Fabrício Queiroz, as the operator of the call “cracked”.

Former PM Adriano da Nóbrega, killed in a confrontation with the Bahia police in February 2020, has already been decorated by Flávio with the Tiradentes medal, Alerj’s most important honor. Nóbrega’s body was exhumed on Tuesday (13.jul) at the request of the Public Ministry of Bahia.

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