For moments like these, the EVO is the fighting tournament most loved by players

For moments like these, the EVO is the fighting tournament most loved by players

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For moments like these, the EVO is the fighting tournament most loved by players

Throughout its history it has left us with great moments to remember.

EVO, or Evolution Championship Series, is the biggest annual event among the fighting game community. Since 1996 it has hosted the best players of fight titles in the world, each year attracting the attention of more and more participants in search of reaching the highest position in the tournament, and proclaiming themselves as the best player in the world in their respective title.

Formerly known as Battle by the bay, EVO began as a simple event in California where just 40 people participated in tournaments of Super Street Fighter II and Street fighter alpha 2. Years passed and the party became extremely popular, drawing nearly a thousand participants in 2009 and reaching numbers that surpassed 5,000 players in tournaments like Street Fighter V in 2016. Today the event is part of the PlayStation family.

Next we are going to show you some memorable moments of EVO, which we have seen throughout its several years of existence. If you are a fan of the FGC (Fighting Game Community), you will surely know several of these moments, but if you are not aware of this world, here you will have your first taste of its passionate community.

Justin Wong’s comeback

This happened in 2007, in a game of Marvel vs. Capcom 2 that people were looking forward to seeing, due to the great skill of both competitors, Justin wong and Michael “Yipes” Mendoza. With only one character left on his team and all the bets against him, Justin Wong made one of the most memorable comebacks in EVO history, to such an extent that future games with comebacks of this style were dubbed among the community as “The Wong Factor”.

PR Balrog beating everyone’s favorite in MVC 3

One of the reasons the community is so appreciative of the Marvel vs. Capcom is at times like the Justin Wong you just saw, and this one that happened in more recent times. PR Balrog, professional player of Street Fighter IV and Marvel vs. Capcom 3 at EVO 2011, defeated Viscant, the tournament’s favorite entrant, and while he didn’t end up taking first place, PR Balrog did win over the crowd that year.

Poongko humiliating the best Street Fighter player in the world

Another shocking moment happened in EVO 2011, was the game between Poongko, a competitor from South Korea, and Daigo Umehara, considered the best Street Fighter IV player in the world. With two years in a row taking first place, many expected to see Daigo back at the top, but Poongko had other plans, not only beating the best, but performing a “Perfect” and completely humiliating the then king of Street Fighter.

Cell’s screams in DBFZ

More than a moment, this is a movement that started the same fighting game community. Dragon Ball FighterZ came to EVO like a bomb in 2018, and it gave us a lot of heart moments, but without a doubt, the Screams of viewers each time the character appeared Cell on screen, they are the ones that will go down in history.

The Blazblue final between Dogura and Garireo

Do you want a moment that screams “you never give up”? Then you only need to see the complete final among the participants Dogura and Garireo at EVO 2014. After losing once to Dogura, Garireo never threw in the towel and gave everything to win in Blazblue: Chrono Phantasma. One of those matches that you simply have to watch from start to finish, to understand the passion and determination of professional players.

Woshige’s early celebration in Guilty Gear

Not everything is close games and pure adrenaline in EVO, and this moment shows that you can also go down in history with a few laughs. Woshige, a professional Guilty Gear Xrd player at EVO 2015, beat his opponent by a tiny difference, Ogawa, and the excitement made him rise from his seat, celebrating his great feat. The only problem? The next round was still pending, something that Woshige completely forgot with all that unloaded happiness.